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Pat Bowlen resigns control of Denver Broncos, acknowledges he is dealing with Alzheimer's disease

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  • Pat Bowlen resigns control of Denver Broncos, acknowledges he is dealing with Alzheimer's disease

    Pat Bowlen, one of the most iconic owners in NFL history who helped guide the Broncos to six Super Bowl appearances and two world championships in his 30 years as owner, is relinquishing control of the team as he acknowledges he is dealing with Alzheimer's disease.

    Team president Joe Ellis will assume control of the Broncos as Bowlen focuses on his health.

    This comes as no surprise, but it's still a bit of a tough pill to swallow. An interesting tidbit in the article is that Bowlen is not going to sell the team - the hope is that one of his seven children will take over in time. Best wishes to Mr. Bowlen and his family with the challenges in the months and years ahead!

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    Well this is unfortunate but not suprising news. Anyone paing attention could see all the signs were there the past few years, and last year they made sure to keep him in the background. I am under the impression his family has already stepped up as far as being a part of day to day operations, and that has been the case for awhile at least.

    Here is to Pat Bowlen, an exceptional owner, and a pretty good guy. I hope they find a cure to reverese the ravages of alzheimers.


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      I think everyone knew this day was coming and it's not really a surprise, but it sucks and it's sad.

      Both of my grandparents on my mom's side and her brother had/have Alzheimer's/dementia and it's tough on the families that have to deal with it.

      I'm thankful that it appears to have skipped my mom, as her parents and brother all showed significant signs of it by the time they were her age, as she is in her early 70s.

      Good luck to the Bowlen family in dealing with this awful disease.


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        Sorry to hear that. He and his family are in for tough road and I wish him the best.


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          It's not a surprise to hear this news but it is unfortunate.
          There has obviously been something wrong with him for some time now.
          The road for he and his family will be a tough one, hopefully he will not suffer as some with the disease do.


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            Wow, this is terrible news to get on the eve of training camp. But as others have said, it's not very surprising given what we know.

            Out of coincidence, I was watching the NFL Channel's review of the Broncos 2013 season just a few hours ago. There was a clip of a locker room celebration after a win of a big game, and Bowlen was there physically, but I remember saying to myself that he just didn't look right. I hated to think it, but man he just didn't look "all there". Apparently, there was a reason.

            Well, the good news is that apparently he has his affairs in order and created a trust over a decade ago to allow his family to eventually take over some day. In the meantime, Ellis will guide the ship. As long as his family knows to stay out of the football side of the business, the Broncos will be fine long-term.


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              Please God let this thread go on without classless jokes/remarks.


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                Not unexpected, though does add more sting to the SB loss. If he's stepping away, it probably means he's past the point of being able to truly savor any potential championship in the future.

                Good luck Mr. Bowlen, thank you for these 30 years.


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                  Originally posted by Broncobiv View Post
                  Please God let this thread go on without classless jokes/remarks.
                  Hopefully "some" will have the class to just stay out of the thread all together.

                  Thank you Mr. B for all of the wonderful years. You have always been one of the best owners in pro sports. A great Bronco.


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                    Sad news all around.

                    It would be nice to see him put in the Ring of Fame sooner rather than later. Wonder how we can get the ball rolling on that? A petition?


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                      Oh boy, I'm hoping this has no negative bearing on the Broncos. Yes, sad, but I have little faith in Joe Ellis to direct this franchise, and who knows what the kids will want to do. I don't know about anyone else, but to me, this is a disaster.


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                        Knew the day was coming, but just wished it never would.


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                          Prayers for Pat and his family. Thanks for all that you've done for the Broncos and the fans. You truly have been the best owner in sports.

                          I agree with BowlenBall - get him into the RoF pronto!


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                            and so goes the worst kept secret in the NFL.

                            Alzheimers is possibly the worst thing ever. Best of luck to Mr. Bowlen and hopefully his descent won't be rapid.
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                              Sad news. Bowlen has been a great owner, I have always been proud to be a Bronco fan. He led the team for a long time and was a positive influence.