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"The first day back in the building, we watched the Super Bowl.

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  • "The first day back in the building, we watched the Super Bowl.

    Peyton Manning's offseason rituals

    Five-time MVP's dogged pursuit of excellence hasn't waned in career twilight

    How do you improve a five-time MVP quarterback who just piloted the highest-scoring offense in NFL history and threw for more yards and touchdowns in a single season than any peer or predecessor? What do you say to a player who went from career-threatening spinal fusion surgery to within striking distance of nearly every significant career passing record in a span of 28 months?

    How do you reboot the game of a legendary competitor coming off the most epic disappointment of his career?

    This is how:

    You dissect every piece of the 2013 season to see what worked, what didn't work and where the good and bad decisions were made. You prepare to win the last game of the 2014 season and watch Peyton Manning hoist the Lombardi trophy under a sea of orange and blue confetti.

    "The first day back in the building, we watched the Super Bowl," said Broncos quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp. "I told him the day after the game we were going to watch it when he came back, not right then, but the first day he was back, and we were going to watch it without the emotion of what just happened. And that was step one."

    It is yet another cloudless lunch hour on the Front Range, and to the ground-shaking soundtrack of jackhammers carving space for the $35 million makeover of the Denver Broncos complex, two players remain after workouts on the manicured, soon-to-be-watered grass practice field.

    Organized team activities have concluded for the day, but unsurprisingly, Peyton Manning is sticking around to tutor a teammate. Newly signed wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders sprints upfield, makes cuts, jogs back and does it again. It's just one play in the team's vast playbook, and the acclimation process is making his head spin.

    Manning is right in his element helping Sanders get up to speed. Staying late and doing all the little things that, Manning says, "can get away from you if you don't stay on it'' is standard operating procedure for No. 18. Many players tire of these details as years go by, but those who know Manning say they're every bit as important to him as the desire to play on game day.

    "As soon as I don't want to keep Emmanuel after [practice], go over some signals and some plays, I feel like that's probably the end," Manning said. "You've probably got to get out at that point."

    Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase sees Sanders listening and nodding as Manning carves the air with his hands to show his new teammate where to make the best move. Gase hears Manning explain to Sanders how a variety of defenders will react to each action. Gase watches them run the play, run it again, and again, and again.

    "People ask all the time how you get past last year, the Super Bowl," Gase said. "They're going to ask him all year. But this is it. This is him. Nobody around -- just back at it."


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    I hope they handed out barf bags.


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      The rumor is the team wished they would of lost 2 chargers and started vacation 3 weeks sooner.


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        I wonder if Peyton thinks that game is embarrassing now.


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          I call bull shiit how could they review the super bowl tape to learn and grow when we lost to New England in the AFCCG by one point (but it was a great game and I was proud of our team, that's the main thing).


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            Originally posted by baja View Post
            I call bull shiit how could they review the super bowl tape to learn and grow when we lost to New England in the AFCCG by one point (but it was a great game and I was proud of our team, that's the main thing).
            I have a feeling this is going to be the running joke around here all season long


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              Do they have film of which party Von ended up at?


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                I found this part interesting:

                "We watched it. The staff watched. Everyone watched and we all had the same conclusion. If we did all again, we would have lost in the AFC Championship game on purpose." Elway confirmed.

                "Yeah, its probably better to lose early than risk the embarrassment later." Coach Fox acknowledged.

                Almost every player to a man agreed. "I think we need to evaluate our options and if it's clear that we're probably not going to be fully loaded, We can't have all our guys out there should we make it all the way, we're not going risk embarrassment. We'll probably just forfeit a home game against the Patriots rather than risk that embarrassment in Super Bowl" coach Del Rio confirmed as he slowly ripped his balls off and dropped them in a coffee grinder.

                "Yeah we won't make that mistake again" A now penis-less Von revealed. "We have our role models and they've proven to us the best way is cower out and lose." He taps a picture of five yeasty vagina fans whose "Better to lose than be embarrassed" motto has taken hold in the club locker room: Doggcow, gunns, labronx, SoCalBronco and Tombstone RJ. "Those are our girls!" Prater shouts before downing a large cup of Drano.

                One player doesn't agree. Third year backup quarterback Brock Osweiller shakes his head "Man, you have to live life to it is fullest!" He insisted. The rest don't agree...


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                  I still haven't found the will power to watch it again. Not sure I will either to be honest.


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                    People need to read the full article it is really good. Thanks Broncos Rob!!


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                      after the manram suborbital launch (granted Peyton- induced, not paying attention to the 12th man in the stands cacophony) no coach settled them down. there was no 3 yards and a cloud of dust O option to go to. it was all on Peyton and he was frazzled. two interceptions later and the writing was on the wall. but the interesting point to me was the OC looked more frazzled than Peyton and Fox was nowhere to be seen. Peyton had noone to turn to when he got frazzled. I tend to pin it on Gase and Fox mostly.


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                        Sorry I didn't see your post Rob. Didn't mean to repost it.

                        Great article!


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                          I like this part;

                          "If you ever feel like that's not important -- like, 'Hey, I don't need to watch last season; I know what we did; I know what I did wrong' -- no, you don't know," Manning said. "You need to watch it. Watch the bad plays. It's not fun to watch bad plays, to sit there and say, 'That's a bad decision' and 'That's a really bad decision' and 'Horrible read.' ... No matter how old you are, you need to go into that prepared to be constructively criticized and learn how to grow out of the mistakes every year."

                          I also have a feeling critical evaluation was not a long suit of Eric Decker which made the decision to let him go an easy one.


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                            I like Decker in Green.


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                              Decker was balling out of control the 2nd half of last season. Hopefully Sanders is better.