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This is it! Fisherman, hunters, tailgaters, beer drinkers.

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  • This is it! Fisherman, hunters, tailgaters, beer drinkers.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Throw in some ice, some brews, and some perishables and this cooler will preserve their chill and their freedom from bacteria and spoilage. But what makes the Coolest Cooler the ultimate in superlatives isn't just its 60-quart insulating capacity and dashing orangeness. The Coolest Cooler really gets the title from its:

    Attachable 18V battery-powered rechargeable blender. For blended drinks and smoothies, the Coolest Cooler's built-in pulverizer can whir up more than 6 gallons of brain freeze juice on a single charge.
    Removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Get some legit decibels while DJ-ing music from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.
    USB charger. The 18V blender battery can also feed power to phones, camera batteries, and other gear in need. It too is waterproof.
    LED lid light. Unbreakable. Like your will to party from high noon into the darkest hours of the night.
    Gear tie-downs. Coolest Cooler locking tie-downs "are like having a roof-rack on your cooler so three trips can be done in one." Handy for schlepping lawn chairs, blankets, fishing tackle, or a grill.
    Cooler divider/cutting board. The cooler's split lid design enables access to blender ice without letting a rush of warm air into the canned/bottled beverage side of things. Also precludes the need to remove cups from their holders before opening the Coolest for a replacement beer.
    Extra wide easy rolling tires. Double wide. Like my still-growing love for the Inspector Gadget of coolers.
    Integrated storage for plates and knife. Stash up to 6 reusable plastic plates, which also double as a cutting board for the included ceramic paring knife.
    Bottle opener. Let's see Drunk Cornelius try to walk off with this one.
    The Coolest Cooler runs as a Kickstarter campaign through August 29, 2014. In my humble, yet incredibly important opinion, there is less than a 5% chance it won't get funded.
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    Saw it. Start up company. I believe the cost right now is $180. Thing is awesome for just about everything.


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        That would be a hell of a cooler.


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          Hell Yea!!!


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            pretty cool. maybe he can come up with a model without the blender and the speaker (keep the charger) in the future and get the cooler under a $100. I've never wished i had a blender when camping or out and about.


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              I want it. The blender is a nifty idea, not sure I'd ever use it.


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                Yeah the blender is a little over kill and seems to be aimed more at the ladies. I like everything else though. $180 is just more than I would want to spend on a 'cooler'.


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                  I'm not a fan of the blender either. It's a neat idea if that's ALL you are doing with it is making margaritas and you can dedicate one side to having nice clean ice and the other for ingredients, but who in their right mind wants to put regular cooler ice in their mixed drink? That stuff can get pretty gross with all the hands tracking debris in there. Plus, you also have to lug the blender container around and i could see that getting broken. And is it really going to be that great of a blender? Same with the speaker. And same with the built in battery, at least for charging stuff. Seems like that would die pretty quickly. And who can't open a bottle in a pinch with basically anything rigid?

                  My ideal situation: Keep only the ability to partition off the inside and the ability to keep ice frozen, plus the wheels and an ergonomic handle, and DEFINITELY keep the LED lights. Then, go out and buy one of those car jumpstart kits that have like 4 standard outlets and 2 USB ports (plus freaking jumper cables in case you need them) that can give off energy for days on end. THEN, get yourself a very nice bluetooth speaker system. Sure, you're gonna spend an extra hundred or so dollars but everything will work EXTREMELY WELL. It will be perfect. I almost forgot about the plates that were built in. I sort of like that, actually.

                  This thing is not meant to be perfect in all of those facets (music quality, battery life, blender quality, etc.), it's merely a marketing strategy. More gimmick than substance. Basically, keep mentioning new things that it does for aww effect but gloss over the fact that none of it is made particularly well. The video was almost like an SNL routine, i was just waiting for them to pull a cocaine tube (a johnny straw) from the handle or pop morning after pills out of some hidden pez like dispenser.

                  That said, I could see it selling very well. America loves stupid sh*t.


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                    I'm not sure there's a market for that thing.

                    I have a big Coleman cooler to take on ocean fishing trips and camping and that cooler only cost me 30 bucks. Pretty sure the target audience for this product already has coolers and doing just fine with what they have.


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                      Originally posted by 24champ View Post
                      I'm not sure there's a market for that thing.

                      We rigged up a cheap stereo and inverter in my buddies boat a few years ago. Stereo was $100 (crap), speakers $50 (more cheap crap), inverter was $50 (about the cheapest they have) , and we still load the cooler in the boat. Over $200 into a crap stereo system.

                      For $185 you can just throw your stereo in the boat and even take it to your campsite or wherever you dock.

                      With 48 days to go, Over 16,000 backers, and over $3,000,000 committed so far America says "yes we want Coolest Cooler".

                      I'm adding one to the bus. Lug ORANGE coolers around anyway. Always good to have an extra cooler, stereo, and cell phone charger! Why not.

                      There is an audience. Some people love to take their camping/boating/tailgating to extremes.

                      I agree on the blender. We had one on the bus for years. Used it once or twice.
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                        There's a reason why the cooler design hasn't changed in 50 years. That's because it does what it's supposed to do and is cheap to purchase.

                        When you look at that new cooler you think kind nifty but it's really overkill. Sometimes simpler and cheaper is just better.


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                          The most important question is how long can it keep Ice in Lake Powell in the summer?


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                            Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
                            The most important question is how long can it keep Ice in Lake Powell in the summer?
                            i think this cooler is only good for an afternoon worth of cold refreshments. anything beyond that, you will need a yeti or a brute cooler.


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                              Do they really believe this will solve all our energy problems? Does it have Tron lighting?