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Denver Broncos look to make history in 2014

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    Originally posted by B-Large View Post
    Elway has those NFCW games double circled and highlighted on that schedule.... I am so glad we play a better schedule this year... My hope is we come out mouth smacking this time, set the tone a establish our physical dominance...

    I think we'll see guys like Tre, Ward and the big pushers up from set the tone early, game 1... I can't wait.

    I expected more from Manning and the staff in that SB. More than anything that burns me.
    You mean you didnt like Manning ordering that pussy tail between your legs kickoff to start the 2nd half? The players mirrored the mentality of their head coach in that game.


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      There can't be a heaven without a hell.


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        Originally posted by baja View Post
        I just hope we out think or at least match them coaching wise and on the field play the way this group is capable of.
        People can blame coaching all they want...the bottom line is Seattle's D was faster and more physical than our offense was.

        I'm pretty sure the Broncos brain trust sat down with the coaches, discussed the abortion that was the SB loss and realized that they needed better, more physical players.

        Which is why they signed TJ Ward, Aquib Talib, Demarcus Ware to put a little more teeth in our defense.