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  • Denver Broncos Word Association

    Since the theme of the week seems to be word association, let's make it more on-topic.

    What word comes to mind when you see the names of these (in)famous Broncos?

    Karl Mecklenburg = albino
    Brock Osweiler = Twilight

    Current players:
    Peyton Manning =
    Ryan Clady =
    Von Miller =
    Demaryius Thomas =
    Wes Welker =

    Historical Broncos:
    John Elway =
    Shannon Sharpe =
    Floyd Little =
    Champ Bailey =
    Terrell Davis =
    Randy Gradishar =
    Tim Tebow =

    Pat Bowlen =
    Mike Shanahan =
    John Fox =
    Josh McDaniels =
    Dan Reeves =
    Steve Antanapolous =

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    Current players:
    Peyton Manning = forehead
    Ryan Clady = vines
    Von Miller = drugs
    Demaryius Thomas = huge
    Wes Welker = creepy

    Historical Broncos:
    John Elway = messiah
    Shannon Sharpe = mushmouth
    Floyd Little = franchise
    Champ Bailey = shut-down
    Terrell Davis = migraine
    Randy Gradishar = screwed
    Tim Tebow = God

    Pat Bowlen = pimp
    Mike Shanahan = rat-like
    John Fox = conservative
    Josh McDaniels = douche
    Dan Reeves = conservative
    Steve Antanapolous = greek


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      I would prefer you added more players.


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        Originally posted by Requiem View Post
        I would prefer you added more players.
        I'm trying to keep it high concept.

        All the great threads on the OM are high concept....


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          Current players:
          Peyton Manning = Omaha
          Ryan Clady = Arms
          Von Miller = Derek Thomas
          Demaryius Thomas = RAC
          Wes Welker = Rug

          Historical Broncos:
          John Elway = Cannon
          Shannon Sharpe = Trash Talker
          Floyd Little = Before my time
          Champ Bailey = Ultimate Professional
          Terrell Davis = Stud
          Randy Gradishar = Pain
          Tim Tebow = Woman Magnet

          Pat Bowlen = Great Owner
          Mike Shanahan = Control Freak
          John Fox = Not Too Shabby
          Josh McDaniels = Do Your F'n Job
          Dan Reeves = Stubborn
          Steve Antanapolous = Who Cares
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