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    Alaska – Grizzly bears
    Oregon - Fluorescent yellow
    California – OJ in a white bronco
    Arizona - Golf
    Nevada – Slot machines
    Colorado - Broncos
    Montana – Gus and Woodrow
    North Dakota - Buffaloes
    South Dakota - Sturgis
    Wyoming - Yellowstone
    Kansas - Basketball
    Nebraska – N on the helmet is for knowledge
    Iowa – Corn on the cob
    Minnesota – mosquito hell
    Wisconsin – Dairy cows
    Missouri – Branson
    Oklahoma - Tornadoes
    Texas – Oil
    Louisiana - Crawfish
    Mississippi - River
    Alabama – Why teams wear different color helmets
    Georgia – The Masters
    Florida – Disney World
    Arkansas – Clinton's
    Tennessee – Hound Dog
    Kentucky – Daniel Boon
    Illinois - Ghettos
    Indiana – Larry Bird
    Michigan – Abandoned factories
    Ohio – Farm land
    Pennsylvania - Coal
    Maryland - USN
    Virginia - Arlington
    North Carolina – WTF is a Tar Heel?
    South Carolina – Myrtle Beach
    West Virginia – Mountain Momma
    New York - Taxicabs
    Connecticut - Snooty
    Rhode Island - Bridges
    Massachusetts - lawyers
    New Hampshire - Primary
    Vermont - Snow
    Maine - Lobster
    Hawaii – Hula Girls
    New Jersey – Toxic Waste


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      If states were high school kids:


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        Originally posted by gunns View Post
        You MUST be referring to DOM. But it is cooler than a lot of other states, the state itself, not the government or some of the people.

        That Maine one makes me hungry.
        Somehow, I just saw this.

        Honestly, I mostly don't like Utah. I only agreed to live here when faced with the choice of that, or divorce. Now, I am going on 17 years here, and it's grown on me a little - but only a little. I love how my kids have 60 cousins to grow up with here (all pretty good kids). I love that it's a pretty good place to raise a family, if you steer clear of certain pitfalls. I find myself constantly driving home the concept of acceptance with my kids - especially as it involves skin color and sexual orientation. They need to understand that the world isn't just comprised of white, heterosexual Mormons with large families. And the specific neighborhood we live in is about as diverse as it gets here - probably only about 30% Mormon, in our LDS ward boundaries (a ward is the loose equivalent of a small Catholic parish).

        But I consider myself a Coloradan, through and through.