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OT- So you're stuck underground for 10 years.

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  • OT- So you're stuck underground for 10 years.

    It is a underground hotel room with all amenities, food, shelter, etc., paid for the next 10 years. You will be locked inside, but you will have access to all media (music, books) made up until this year. Once you enter inside, all communication (internet, phone) will be severed with the outside world.

    You are also given 4 choices just before you enter.

    Choice A.) Any single girl on the planet of your choosing will accompany you into the basement, you guys can have whatever relationship you desire, you can be any age in this basement and so can she (but as soon as you exit, you return to what your age would be 10 years later). When you leave, you receive 10 million ($10,000,000) dollars for using up these 10 years of your life.

    Choice B.) Same as above except, instead of any single girl on the planet, its any three girls that you've ever hooked up with (Foreplay or more); you guys can have whatever orgies you dream up while locked up in there for 10 years, and again, age is whatever you choose. Again, when you leave, you receive 10 million ($10,000,000)dollars for using up these 10 years of your life.

    Choice C.) No girls, you exit with 1 billion ($1,000,000,000) dollars to your name and a giant statute in the middle of Times Square for losing 10 years off your life where you did nothing but vacation in an empty basement.

    Choice D.) You opt out of this "opportunity" entirely, you receive $100,000 upfront.
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      I've been 'stuck' with the same women above ground for 20 years.....


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        D could make B happen. So, D.


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          D. Have been married for 14 years so what is another 10 years but getting paid for it? Easy answer. C. was almost but I have kids.


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            10 years for a billion dollars - sure if I could start the time at 10 years old.

            I'd be a 20 year old billionaire


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              I sweetened the deal for A and B since no one was picking them


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                But what if you missed KC playing in a Super Bowl .............. oh wait, never mind that ain't gonna happen


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                  Would I get to take a vitamin D supplement?


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                    Originally posted by baja View Post
                    Would I get to take a vitamin D supplement?
                    Yes you basically have unlimited access to vitamins, necessities, medicine, etc., you just can't have communication, all else can be shipped to you as needed.


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                      BTW Being locked up with three women for ten years that should pay the most by a lot.


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                        Can't see anyone picking C - 10 years of loneliness will send anyone into depression.

                        At the same time - spending 10 years with 1-3 people could do the very same.

                        Change D to just skipping the opportunity altogether with no $500,000 compensation and you might have a better debate.

                        To make things interesting - if I had to choose between A & B I'd choose A.

                        Make sure she's about 18-20 years old also.


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                          Alright because D is overly popular i dropped the compensation to 100K, that should do it. And I'm definitely not changing B because I think its fair if you are the threesome/foursome type of guy.

                          Personally, I'm taking the three girls I've already hooked up with, no question, 10 million after 10 years, and I'm golden.
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                            I'd take C. I've had some hotties and have a nice compilation to choose from. I'd be more then fine with that.


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                              Id pick C and A as distant second. During my time of loneliness, I would spend the majority of it scheming a way to buy the Broncos once I got out. Im sure I could figure out a way, even if I had to turn that 1 Billion into 2-4. Id then own the Broncos, and you all would praise me, nay, worship me.