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2014 Indy 500

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  • 2014 Indy 500

    It always amazes me the silly mistakes drivers make to f things up in this race. Tony Kanaan RUNS OUT OF GAS EARLY IN THE RACE!!! And then can't get his car started on pit lane.

    Juan Pablo Montoya can't do a simple thing like slow down enough entering pit lane. IT'S A BUTTON ON THE WHEEL for chrissake, push it. Jebus. Cost him a lap penalty.

    Now some idiot tries to go three-wide into a corner on a restart. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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    Welp, the Andretti clan drought continues at the Indy 500. One of my favorite auto racing quotes from AJ Foyt re: the Andretti's - "He's [Michael Andretti] like his daddy (Mario)--he's been a crybaby all his life."

    Marco Andretti took out his teammate Tony Kanaan at the Indy 500 in 2009 by trying a stupid pass and took out the race leader.


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      Did you watch this weekend's Detroit races?