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OT: 5th Edition D&D Nerdgasm

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  • OT: 5th Edition D&D Nerdgasm

    They got it right this time.

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    By getting it right, do you mean they re-instated the Open Game License which lead to the massive d20 gaming boom during 3rd edition?


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      Originally posted by v2micca View Post
      By getting it right, do you mean they re-instated the Open Game License which lead to the massive d20 gaming boom during 3rd edition?

      That remains to be seen ... but ...

      Having playtested the upcoming rules, the 5th edition plays much faster and more fluid than in the Fourth Edition. Minis and the combat grid are once again optional. Theatre of the Mind is once again a viable option.

      The starter box is available for preorder on Amazon for a paltry $13. 15% of the PHB will be available free online at the WotC website.

      The first two modules were farmed out to Wolfgang Baur's group at Kobold Press, so it looks as though we'll indeed see some 3rd party activity, though probably on a more selective basis - which ain't bad for quality control.


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          Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about. Old School all the way and screw Jack Chic.


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            Nice. I helped playtest this. The optional D20 rules are good. Never was a fan of fourth edition, or essentially "Hero Quest 2.0". We migrated to Pathfinder disappointed with the lack of flavor 4E offered. I'm curious how this is going to go...


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              oops.....I thought this was the low testosterone thread


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                Same here Kaylore. A couple years ago, I DMd a Pathfinder campaign up to level 13 and then started burning out with all the feat trees, ever-more massive monster blocks and prep time.

                My brother then took over with a 3.5/PF hybrid and has managed it, amazingly, to 15th level. We'll probably wrap that up this summer.

                After some experimentation, 4e was been vetoed by more than half the group.

                I was encouraged by the first 5e playtest packet, then discouraged by some of the overly-complicated and inconsistent stuff in the second. But the third, released last fall, was a huge improvement and was what sold me. And so that's what we'll be starting in the fall.

                We may still be using some of the PF Adventure Paths - not sure yet.


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                  The folks I still occasionally game with gave up on D&D 4 several years ago. Last couple years we've been playing Hack Master.

                  Not too shabby, as RPG systems go.

                  Linky, if any interest:


                  I'll definitely check out the DD5.. Can't help myself. OG for life. (Original Geek)


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                    Yeah, we had some fun with Hackmaster until we suffered a TPK against a Carrion Crawler. That 20-hit point kicker on a critter that was attacking 10 times a round, and requiring paralysis saves, was a bitch.


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                      If I had local pals that did it, I'd play.


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                        Part of the strategy behind the new starter set is that it's pretty much pick up and play. It's not supposed to require much more rules-learning than the average board game.

                        It's been a long time since they had an intro set that did that which wasn't "crippleware." The 4e Red Box was fairly simple, but the rules were inconsistent with the rest of the game, so it was a dead end.

                        The new version is supposed to be consistent with everything else. The more advanced books just add options. So there's a much stronger initial pitch toward casual players and newbies.


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                            Originally posted by bronco militia View Post
                            oops.....I thought this was the low testosterone thread
                            Finally! I figured this thread was just a bully trap. Where's Rev when we need him?


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                              My biggest issue with Pathfinder, D&D and the entire Gygaxian strand of gaming is there isn't enough emphasis on role-playing and too much emphasis on roll playing. They constantly complain about how wizards are too powerful, and there's this ridiculous need to "balance" everything. The GM can balance fine, and when we game we like good stories with interesting plots. We rotate GM'ing duties so encounters are tailored to the group and all players get opportunities to shine...and to struggle. I think catering to the World of Warcraft generation is where pen and paper RPG's started go sour for me.