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Roby/Broncos Round 1 draft grades

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  • Roby/Broncos Round 1 draft grades

    Grade: B-plus.
    I think I was higher on Roby throughout the draft process than a lot of people, often handing him to the Saints at No. 27 in mocks. Pretending that Roby suddenly lost all his athletic gifts or natural ability over the span of September 2013 was foolish. When he gets locked in, Roby is as devastating a DB as any other in this draft.
    Can he flip the switch and keep it on? That’s the question here. The upside is prevalent enough to justify this pick, deep in Round 1.

    Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby (31st)
    The skinny: John Elway didn't have to do anything but sit around and watch Roby fall into his lap. Though there are concerns about him, his junior year tape showed he had top 15 talent, and the Broncos are the beneficiaries of him sliding to the bottom of the round.

    31. Denver: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State: Denver got first-hand look in the Super Bowl, at what physical, aggressive corners can do for your defense, and they clearly took note with this selection. Roby has had his issues off the field, and even on the field lacks self control at times, but there's no denying the talent. He strong enough to jam, quick enough to play off, and has the speed to turn and run with anyone. If he can continue to improve, he could very well end up the best NFL corner of this draft. GRADE: A

    Broncos select: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
    Great pick. I thought he was one of the top two cornerbacks in the draft. And he fills an immediate need.

    31. Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
    The grade: B
    The risk: There are some character things with Roby that will need to be monitored. Much worse, though, is his undisciplined play on the field. Denver also has some holes on the offensive line that could have been addressed.
    The reward: If Roby's potential reaches his talent, he's the best cornerback in the draft. He should pair nicely with free agent signing Aqib Talib.

    Bradley Roby, CB: At 5-11, 194 pounds, Roby is athletically a top-15 player on the board. He will, however, have to work through questions about his effort as well as his ability to track the ball in the air. Overall, it was a high-value pick.
    -- Jeff Legwold

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    Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State: A- Grade
    You know what's great about Denver's win-now philosophy? They won't care very much if Bradley Roby gets into trouble down the road. The Broncos had to find players who could help them win right now, given Peyton Manning's career status, and Roby should help them do that. Roby had a brutal 2013 campaign, but he was stellar in 2012. Had he declared last year, he would've been a top-10 pick. Denver can coach him up and have him perform up to his ability.


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      I now see that Guess Who beat me to this in the "Welcome..." thread. So Mods can merge. Or not. Either way.


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        Originally posted by TonyR View Post
        I now see that Guess Who beat me to this in the "Welcome..." thread. So Mods can merge. Or not. Either way.
        Nah this is great... more reviews to come we got three more days of draft grades coming up!!


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          AT #31 you can only hope to get a good prospect with the ability to be great. Roby fits that bill and was a great pick at #31


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            At least he was a legit first-rounder. I'm still getting used to this whole not reaching for players thing.

            Kind of a new perspective after years with Shanahan and McDaniels.


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              I heard Fox and Elway walked by some homeless guy on 16th street mall last week, and he looked up from the fresh spring pavement, some vomit in his beard and said "You have to pick Roby"

              That's when they knew it was sealed, he would be the pick.


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                At the bottom of the 1st round there are two types of players you generally have to choose from: guys who are good but not great, and guys who are great but who have a lot of question marks. Elway went with the latter with this pick. Now we just have to hope it pans out.


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                  It's only a good value pick if he develops. The good news is he won't be expected to match up against number 1's right away, or even number 2's depending on harris's health. Looking forward to tracking his development in camp and preseason this year.


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                    Originally posted by Agamemnon View Post
                    At the bottom of the 1st round there are two types of players you generally have to choose from: guys who are good but not great, and guys who are great but who have a lot of question marks. Elway went with the latter with this pick. Now we just have to hope it pans out.
                    Honestly, I don't see that he has more question marks then anybody that was selected before him. The whole drunk in his car thing was BS. The fight, well, cmon, we've all been in fights in HS and college. It's part of being a young man looking to prove himself. Nobody got seriously hurt, no harm no foul. I'm cool with it. The down year, well, I don't know much about it or what was going on in his mind. I heard it was really only a handful of bad games. He probably was all set to go pro and playing another year at college just seemed to be going through the motions. The guy has the physical tools galore, and he's a smart cookie too. I think he was a top 10 pick easily with his speed and ability end of last year. I'm kinda glad he did have these "issues" and fell down to us. We got lucky if you ask me.


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                      Overall draft grade

                      Denver Broncos
                      Best Pick: First-round pick Bradley Roby was my second-rated corner and he will play a lot as a rookie. He is so athletic.

                      Questionable move: Waiting until the fifth round to address linebacker, a clear position of need.

                      Third-day gem: Sixth-round center Matthew Paradis is a player who could spend a year on the practice squad to get stronger.

                      Analysis: John Elway once again had another good draft. I love Roby and second-round receiver Cody Latimer was a nice pick. And some thought Elway would just be a figurehead?

                      Grade: B+


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                        Overall draft grade

                        Denver Broncos

                        Denver checked off several needs: CB with Bradley Roby, WR depth with Cody Latimer and LB with Lamin Barrow. The first two there dipped a slight bit on the board, so the Broncos could claim them as values. They need third-round pick Michael Schofield to pan out … and preferably to do so at guard, where the Broncos are thin yet did not make any additions. Nothing too remarkable here, though both Roby and Latimer may develop into stars in the not-so-distant future.

                        Grade: B


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                          Overall draft grade

                          Good pick, good fit

                          Denver Broncos: Bradley Roby (31st), Cody Latimer (56th), Michael Schofield (95th), Lamin Barrow (156th), Matthew Paradis (207th), Corey Nelson (242nd)
                          The skinny: It took a while before the Broncos got on the board on the third day, but they added a workhorse in Barrow. Nelson was great in college and could turn into a nice selection in the seventh round.


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                            Overall draft grade

                            Denver Broncos: A- Grade
                            Goals Entering the 2014 NFL Draft: The Broncos aren't worried about the future. They're all in for a potential championship this year. Thus, look for them to draft prospects who were productive in college and could contribute immediately.

                            2014 NFL Draft Accomplishments: Whereas the Patriots did everything in their power to sabotage their chances for this year, the Broncos took additional steps to ensure a Super Bowl victory. They began with taking Bradley Roby, a talented corner who thrived in 2012, but struggled this past season because he was concerned with getting hurt. Roby has character issues, but Denver won't have to worry about any long-term ramifications, given its goals.

                            Some other solid choices included Lamin Barrow, a potential starting linebacker, and Cody Latimer, who will replace Eric Decker. Latimer was a steal at the end of the second round. I only question one selection Denver made. I wasn't a fan of Michael Schofield going as early as he did, but he should still provide adequate depth on the offensive line.

                            The Broncos did a great job of accomplishing its goal and drafting quality players. They deserve one of the highest grades.


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                              Overall draft grade

                              Denver Broncos
                              •31. Bradley Roby, CB, Ohio State
                              •56. Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana
                              •95. Michael Schofield, OT, Michigan
                              •156. Lamin Barrow, MLB, LSU
                              •207. Matt Paradis, C, Boise State
                              •242. Corey Nelson, LB, Oklahoma

                              Grade: B-

                              Roby has as much potential as any cornerback in this year’s draft, as long as he plays disciplined. Latimer is a good No. 2 receiver who can get vertical on the outside. He should easily replace Eric Decker. Schofield provides solid depth as a swing tackle, and Barrow will contribute on special teams and as a backup.