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Peyton at yankee stadium, on letterman monday

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  • Peyton at yankee stadium, on letterman monday

    Peyton gets around. I just saw him at the John Lynch event honoring young athletes at Sports Authority Field on Friday, and today he's at Yankee stadium talking to Derek Jeter. This ESPN article says he'll be on Letterman Monday night.

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    Thanks Titan

    Manning predicted he will have a hard time deciding when to hang up his cleats.

    "I hope I know when the right time is," Manning said. "I know it was a hard decision for Derek, I know it'll be hard for me. But I can tell he's at peace with it and he's enjoying this season."

    The two future Hall of Famers have maintained a "unique friendship" during their respective careers, according to Manning. He estimated that he's seen Jeter play in person "probably six or seven times," including a couple playoff games.

    "Derek's been to a number of Colts games through the years," Manning said, "and he's got an open invite to the Broncos games this fall after the Yankees finish their season."

    As for Manning, he will be spending Monday in New York as well.

    "I'm doing [the David] Letterman [show] tomorrow night, so I'm paying my respects to him, who's also retiring," Manning said, chuckling. "I'm sad to see some of these guys retiring. I'm not far behind."