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    Night Ranger - Sister Christian

    My two buddies and I were at this guy's house, trying to sell him a fake bag of coke. We needed money, long story. Was just the most bizarre thing in the world too, I really didn't want to be there and my buddy Todd went nuts and tried to hold the guy up and rob him instead of following through on the deal.

    The weirdest part was the dude had some Chinese kid walking around half naked, throwing firecrackers around which made things just insanely nerve wracking. **** hit the fan, my buddy got shot and killed and the guy came after us but my other friend (Reed) and I managed to get out of there just barely.

    Crazy night. Every time I hear that song now, takes me right back to it.


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      Originally posted by phibacka31 View Post
      not sure if serious...
      I'm absolutely serious. I probably wouldn't give that song a second thought, if it wasn't attached to some great memories...


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        Originally posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
        I have a song memory kind of like this. I distinctly remember listening to the song "Betty Davis Eyes" in the car with my family as we drove to Lake Powell for our annual trip.

        I remember thinking it was sung by the same guy who sang "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy". Of course that being Rod Stewart. I was about 6 at the time...
        Thank you! some chicks at work laughed at me a while back because I said I thought it was Rod Stewart who sang that song. Sounds just like him. You were 6 at the time, I thought it was Rod Stewart probably last summer. Easy mistake to make.