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Franklin to LG and PFM and CAG TO Bammer

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  • Franklin to LG and PFM and CAG TO Bammer

    A lot of my fellow Vol brethren were up in arms last week wondering WTF was 18 thinking by going to Tuscalooserville and fraternizing with the enemy. One thing to keep in mind about Tennessee fans, it's all about us, and we are extremely butt hurt, and sensitive. Many UT fans think that PFM is being inconsiderate of his alma mater by talking X's and O's with Nick Saban, when in reality, it's all about what Saban can do for Gase and the Broncos IMO. Gase,who is tight with CNS, desperately need his expertise in the middle of the LOS. Don't forget, JDR's son walked on at Bammer turning down several D1 offered just to play under him. I'm sure little Nicky the garden gnome picked their brains on a few offensive ideas and schemes that he will use at some point, but this is about one thing IMO- Being able to stop the inside pass rush. It makes even more sense now that as soon as #18 and Gase return to Dove Valley that it's announced that Franklin is being moved to RG.

    Think back to the AFCCG and how Denver shutdown Brady? With inside pressure from the DT's, and physical play from the corners, and that's exactly what Seattle did to Denver. Although Mathis harassed Peyton in the Indy game, much of the pressure came from up the middle. During the season, when Denver was basically mixing and matching personnel to get through the season due to injury, it was pretty simple to plug in whomever at LT and make it work, but those three guys in the middle were exposed against Seattle. As long as a pure pocket passer like Manning or Brady have room to step into throws, and the WR's can get off press coverage, they are pretty much unstoppable. But if they are forced left, right, or backwards, that's when thing get problematic. Those guys aren't going to escape the pocket, and break contain to hurt you, they want to read the coverage and rely on timing. Who other than Nick Saban has more experience, putting stud DT's in the league than Bammer and Saban? Saban is arguably the best defensive mind in the game at any level, and who better to consult with than the guy that has been the best at beating people up front? Gase is just using a valuable resource.

    Let's face it, Seattle just flat whipped the Bronco offensive line. Go back and watch Peyton's struggles in the playoffs when he was in Indy, they were all in the playoffs, against teams with solid cover corners to molest Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne and throw off the timing while Peyton was getting pressure up the middle. I watched it for 13 years, and I watched it work to perfection on Feb 2nd. Nobody wanted to hear it, when I said that Decker was soft and susceptible to press coverage, as was DT, I got ripped. Welker was cut primarily because of the dropsies, but Belicheat was becoming increasingly frustrated with his inability to get open, and if a slot guy can't get open, what good is he.

    Let's don't kid ourselves, all the scheming and free agent acquisitions in the world aren't going to mean dick, if the opponent forces their will on you, and whats more, Seattle beat, no DOMINATED Denver with only three players ranked as 4 star players out of high school. Two of those Harvin, and Spencer Ware were 5 stars, and Golden Tate was a 4. Harvin BTW was the #1 player at any position in his class. Of course, high school ratings don't mean squat once a guy makes it to Sundays But it's safe to say that Pete Carroll had his guys motivated and ready to play, and Fox did not. I'll also admit that a team full of veterans shouldn't need a bunch of rah rah BS to get up for a world championship game, but I would gladly pay the fine the Broncos are likely to receive for violating the CBA guidelines to not have to live through another nightmare like we saw in February.

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      TL DNR

      But yes, Franklin was moved to left guard.


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          WTF? What stud DT's has Saban put into the league?


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            JK TS , I'm the poster-boy for TL DNR ...

            I don't have any problem with PM going down there. Once. As along as he's current on his Knoxville obligations.

            Saban is a gifted coach, but an even more gifted cheater. And didn't he put DT Dareus in the NFL?

            Who cares about star ratings in the NFL? They've even been de-emphasized in college recruiting ... look at all the 3-Star rosters busting out the past decade, starting with Boise State kind of.

            If you're talking about me Reverend, yeah this whole state is high. Direct or contact high, it's always 4:20 in Washington. you can't miss the stuff.
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              I liked your post, thanks