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Draft-What player would you sell the farm for?

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    It is wierd Clowney is the sack king of the draft and he had like 3 sacks last yr. Meanwhile Kony Ealy has better size and had more sacks.

    Clowney is an athletic freak but we have seen other athletic freaks play way below what we thought they would.


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      farm = sold


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        Originally posted by Action View Post
        In all seriousness - I think a great player out of this draft will be Aaron Donald. DT isn't a need for us to trade up - but this guy is like Von Miller at DT. 28.5 tackles for loss last year.

        Combine numbers are BEASTLY - 35 reps, 4.68 40 time (for a DT) ..7.11 3 cone... for a point of reference - Suh put up 32 reps.

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        Now this is a violent football player.
        I love Donald, all i'd realistically move up for.

        Cant see him falling past 14 though.


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          Originally posted by cutthemdown View Post
          Broncos can't go DT. We used to be so thin at DT but now its a strength if big vick comes back. Williams, Knighton, Vickerson should be able to handle DT.

          It's all pointing to some sort of linebacker round 1. Since they are thin you could see the Broncos move up.
          Unrein, Knighton and Vickerson are all FA's at seasons end, i can see the reason for a DT, very reasonable.

          Vickerson isnt off crutches yet, by pictures this week. Unrein is a rotational player, i'm hopeful they keep Knighton but not a given.

          Not saying i'd do it but i can see the case for it.