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Ubuntu os ??

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  • Ubuntu os ??

    Is anyone who posts here using this OS?
    If so what do you think about it or any of the other LINUX os for that matter.
    Replies appreciated.

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    I've been using Linux Mint 13 for a couple years and it worked fine for me. Few days ago I installed Ubuntu 14.04 to try it out and had some issues with it. For example, after turning on the computer, I would log into the desktop and the computer would freeze then reboot. Also when I put the computer in suspend mode and then try to wake it up, the computer would lock up and not let me log in. I had to hard-restart the computer.

    The desktop freezes only happened a few times, and looks to have stopped. The suspend mode freeze up happens EVERY time and still continues.


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      Mint with the MATE desktop is pretty good for everyday use.


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          I used Ubuntu for years but the 12.04 version was buggy. I switched to Linux Mint. I love it. I use it on my laptop which has basically become a home theater device.

          I also have it installed on an Asus tower at the dive shop. Easy to use and it works great.


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            I've been using Ubuntu for over 5 years now. I love it. I have Linux Mint on one of my laptops, too. Great OS's! I highly recommend them if you know what you're doing or are willing to learn.