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Johnny Manziel Pro Day: All 65 throws

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    His coach set him up for failure by not letting him start *last* week.


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      Originally posted by razorwire77 View Post
      Unfortunately, that was the early game I was forced to watch. Yes Manziel looked rattled and lost at times, but the Browns offense did absolutely nothing to help him out. He was able to elude the constant Bengal pass rush and extend some plays with his feet and then the receiver would drop the ball. Absolutely, none of them sold out to help the kid. That and Cincinnati's d-line destroyed the read-option.

      Can't really stand the kid, or the hype train associated with him, but can't really judge him based on this game.
      Neither can I as can't stand the kid. As he is not a good role model at all! But hopefully for the Browns sake, he is the key to the future!


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        So the punk got punked... who would have guessed.


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          Originally posted by Maleficent View Post
          WEEK 15

          Breaking down Manziel's struggles


          JM's highlights

          Funny - four years ago we had a hyped rookie QB picked in the first round that started the first time in week 15 for a team that was definitely not in playoff hunt. This QB was said to be vastly inferior to Johnny "Football". I would definitely take this kind of sucking over Johnny Me, Myself & I

          To me it is always predictable who will fail (not who will succeed) but egocentric QB's tend to be easy to pick out.
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