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  • Here is a rather entertaining mathematical breakdown of getting hammered at the poker table:

    Utilizing optimal strategy, drinking at the poker table is profitable.

    In analyzing this theorem, we begin with the core principle of poker-drinking: to drink the most of the best for the least. The key to understanding this core principle is that in Vegas, it is possible to drink without gambling, but it is very expensive to do so. Consequently, the goal of the sophisticated poker-drinker is to play poker and simultaneously consume free drinks for less than the equivalent price of booze—or beer, or fruity drinks, or Zima Gold, whatever trips your liver—in a Vegas bar.

    Rule I: Every dollar saved on booze at the poker table is a dollar earned.

    My research and analysis has enabled me to isolate several factors that bore a positive correlation to poker-drinking profits. Surprisingly, the relative “hotness” of the wait staff, a factor long held to be an essential part of the Vegas poker-drinking scene, actually had no impact on actual drinking profits. Instead, I was able to narrow the relevant variables to the following: a) drinking rate (DR); b) value of booze consumed (VBC); and c) poker playing costs (PC). Using these variables, a serious poker-drinker can maximize his “expected drinking value” (EDV) by finding poker rooms and games that offer high positive EDV and avoiding rooms and games that offer negative EDV. The exact mathematical formula for calculating EDV is:

    EDV = (DR * VBC) – PC

    where EDV is expressed in dollars per hour, DR is expressed in drinks per hour, VBC is expressed in dollars per drink, and PC is expressed in dollars per hour.


    • afternoon of drinking by the Mirage pool
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      • Originally posted by ak1971 View Post
        afternoon of drinking by the Mirage pool
        Wow, if there was an oiled up midget around you could've had a bowling tournament.


        • Originally posted by Quoydogs View Post
          I don't know if this fits but two of my favorite foo foo drinks are these.

          Cranberry juice
          lime jucie
          Cherry Rum


          Orange Soda
          Whipped Vodka
          heavy whipping cream.

          The Alcohol goes down like water.
          Coincidentally, these recipes are also how Rev likes his coffee.


          • Bump, because I'm an arrogant a-hole who likes to bump his own threads, and because I'm drunk, which is fitting to this thread.

            Also, bowtown was the last to post on this. A thread can't end with a bowtown post.


            • Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
              Knowing ak, there was.
              Does this guy still post?


              • I got a bottle of McClelland's Single Malt about a month ago. So smooth. I'll do a few drops of water, just to release the flavor.


                • Whiskey. Ice.


                  • Originally posted by BowlenBall View Post
                    This.... and a few huge ice cubes.

                    Word, minus the cubes for me. The cask strength 10 year can do a few drop of water.

                    This and Lagavulin.

                    All day.


                    • Been using ginger beer as a mixer. Jameson and ginger beer. Vodka ginger beer and lime.