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B-mode Polarization proves Inflation period occurred after the Big Bang

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  • B-mode Polarization proves Inflation period occurred after the Big Bang

    Pretty big discovery!

    Back in the 1960's background radiation from the Big Bang was discovered which help confirm the whole Big Bang hypothesis.

    Now astronomers have been able to see/measure the polarized radiation that proves that the "Inflation" period occurred cementing the Big Bang even more.

    Very cool:

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      The Lord spoke..................BANG!


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        You gotta love science. I'm not really surprised though and most people wouldn't be. It makes sense when the big bang first happened, when it was at it's most hottest moment, things should have been moving/expanding faster. As the universe grew, it cooled and slowed in it's expansion. One of the biggest misconceptions people have about the expanding universe is that they think the expansion is speeding up, because of the red and blue shifts Hubble discovered all those years ago. But that's just an illusion. The further out the star or object, it seems likes it's moving away faster then stars closer to us but they're not actually. The expansion rate is the same all over the universe. It's just that when objects are further away to begin with, there is more area or volume that is being expanded at that same rate, which makes it seem like it's moving away faster. I've always found that fascinating. It's nothing like dropping a rock in a pond and watching the waves expand and move away from the center. Expansion doesn't work like that. It's hard to explain and it boggles your mind but that ink dots on a balloon experiment helps give you some idea on how that works.