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Happy Birthday Peoples Champ

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  • Happy Birthday Peoples Champ

    o for your birthday I found out that 29 is too old to be a CB, so don't be a CB okay. Be like a safety or um, a really sexy shifty eyed waterboy.

    Anyway, someone made you a song, or I assume it was your song because it's called Peoples Champ and nobody but you should use that.

    <IFRAME height=315 src="//" frameBorder=0 width=560 allowfullscreen></IFRAME>

    At any rate, happy Birthday fella. I hope all your dreams come true and that they all involve bacon. mmmm... bacon.

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    Thanks Miss I. !!!

    It was an awesome day. It was a rare rainy weekend in SoCal, so we had to cancel our trip to Catalina Island for our Catalina wine mixer. But my fiance made the day awesome by treating me to a massage and then taking me to a local winery, and then a fancy dinner. The day was awesome!


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      Happy Birthday PC!