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Part 2: Share advice from your area of expertise/specialty/line of work.

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  • Part 2: Share advice from your area of expertise/specialty/line of work.

    This went awesome last time, lots of stuff youd never hear otherwise.

    Im in sports training/performance, and have spent the last few years doing youth performance. Few things:

    1. Kids should play every sport under the sun until they find one or two they want to do exclusively. 10 Year olds should not be specializing in sports, 14 and on can begin that process.
    2. Let the coaches coach, you be the supportive parent. Fastest way to make kids hate sports, training etc is to have to leave a game and hear more about it, especially after a bad game. Dont belittle or berate the coach publicly for things you disagree with, your child doesnt need the perception that a coach is not an authority figure.
    3. Weight training has never been shown to cause growth plate injuries (traumatic injuries have). Proper training (and lifting) early = increased strength and motor development = increased potential for motor skill acquisition.

    Whats yours?

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    For #2 - read an article recently about what you should say to your young kids after watching them play sports "I love to watch you play"


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      1. Don't fall behind on your mortgage payments if at all possible.

      2. If you do fall behind, immediately contact your loan servicer and start looking into what options are available to you. The loss mitigation process is extremely lengthy.

      3. If you are in the loss mitigation process, you can expect to be asked for financial documents many, many times. Don't complain, just do what they ask because that's the only way you'll get anywhere. Expect it to be a complete pain in the ass.

      4. No matter what, a Short Sale or Deed in Lieu is FAR BETTER than allowing your home to go to foreclosure sale. Period.

      If any of you have questions about this subject, feel free to shoot me a private message. I can answer almost anything dealing with loss mitigation/loan modifications/foreclosure/bankruptcy


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        Don't get to high under a ceiling fan.


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          I am the Production Manager for Texas Performing Arts:
          - Always check your props. (guy got killed when someone swapped out the prop knife for a real one)
          -Don't piss off the costume shop. they can make you very uncomfortable on stage.
          -The stage manager isn't your servant and makes your show look awesome.
          -You get paid a 1/3 up front. 1/3 when designs are due, and a 1/3 on opening night.
          -This is one industry that cannot move back a product release. the show must go on!


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            Originally posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
            For #2 - read an article recently about what you should say to your young kids after watching them play sports "I love to watch you play"
            great article!


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              1. Don't get sick, don't come to a hospital unless you absolutely have to- they will make you sicker if you are not scraping to get the hell out of here.
              2. Wash your hands, alot- don't touch stuff on the floor even if you think its courteous to pick up trash- you have no idea what on that, and we have not cured AIDS in this country like the Egyptian Military has.
              3. Don't be dick to nurses if you even come to a hospital- in fact, they are the most important people takign care of you, hands down.
              4. Medical Bills under a ceetain amount don't go to your credit report even if they go to collections. So, by al means put together a payment plan, but don't kill yourself if you medical bills are piled up.
              5. If you are worried about waits and getting into see Doctors, make a donation to the foundation at your best local hospital. As a donor, you always call the foundation when you need somethig urgent- they have people internall to take care of you.
              6. If you have Children, double down on point #5 at your closest Childrens Hospital
              7. With Healthcare Reform in place it wont be as prevelent, but if you need a serice that is not covered, call Billing and make them an "Offer" on the treatment you need- you'd be surpised.
              8. Most hospital have Vaklet Parking for free- use it


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                Drive with the defrost off. It runs the A/C and costs you gas millage. I bet 70 percent of the cars I get in are parked in defrost .

                Inflate your tires properly . It can save you gas. Sometimes as much as 2 MPG

                Buy a K&N air filter. ( except diesels )

                Do these three things and improve your MPG by 12 %


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                  Don't talk to the police


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                    -No good deed goes unpunished
                    -The road to hell is paved with good intentions
                    -Just because there is a cause to a problem, that does not mean it is THE cause.
                    -Be accountable, responsible, take ownership at your job
                    -Understand money, finances, and taxes
                    -Every problem is an opportunity in disguise
                    -Worry about the things you can control
                    -Don't be emotional at work
                    -Never volunteer information to someone you don't know AND trust


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                      1 - Ask to do extra stuff. Extra stuff does not come to the meek


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                        -Do your own research on supplements
                        -Don't waste your money on supplements because the packaging "looks cool"
                        -Everyone's body reacts differently to supplements
                        -A lot of supplement products out there have no scientific evidence supporting its claims
                        -Don't let one person sell you on a supplement
                        -Don't expect a "miracle" fat loss pill to exist
                        -Supplements are there to "supplement" a healthy lifestyle, not replace one.


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                          Don't lie to Human Services employees. They will find out, it will catch up to you. A few bucks a month in Food Stamps isn't worth the trouble.

                          Don't be rude, nasty, and demanding to people when you want something from them. You will only get the minimum they are required to do to help you. If you are reasonable, patient, and understand, some will go the extra mile. Some will still do just the minimum. But your chances of someone helping you go up considerably based on your attitude, and how you treat those you are dealing with.


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                            Sports writer/photographer/editor

                            1. No, I cannot get you into a game on a press pass. (Actually, that's a bold faced lie. As a sports editor I can get anybody into a game. Hell, I've taken my girlfriend to games for free on a press pass).

                            2. The perks are really cool. Free games, free food a lot of times, free parking, on the field or court. As a sports fan, it's awesome!

                            3. The perks may be cool, but the paycheck certainly isn't. You have to have a side hustle, preferably legal. Many media people are going into PR, which is where I'm probably heading. As we all know, the newspaper industry is falling off big time, and writing online isn't all that great. Many websites aren't really concerned with the quality, so they'll find just about anybody to write articles.

                            4. Being in the office is not the way to do this job. At the last two papers I was at, there were too many desk reporters. The work that they produced was poor because of it. I was always in the field, and produced a lot of really good and original work. But then I'd get questioned about not showing up to work. Ah, well, how do you think I produced all this work. There aren't any sports happening by the water cooler at the office.

                            5. If you want to be a sports writer/photographer, start off at a community paper and work your way up. Really, keep your day job, and do the work at the community paper for free. Chances are they can use all the help that they can get. And they can get passes to just about anything. I've covered all of the major pro and college sports. Covered the Rose Bowl. I got my brother, a sports photographer, a credential to the Super Bowl when the Niners made it. The coolest event that I've covered by far is the X Games.


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                              Eat when you can.

                              Sleep when you can.

                              Don't [email protected]#k with the pancreas. Unless its a pseudocyst, then by all means lap cystogastrostomy is the ticket.