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  • Rotoworld's Top 150 FA.

    Here is the list.

    Has some good tidbits and information regarding the players and their preferences (stay, leave, type of tag, etc.)

    Some good names down there I didn't even know were available.
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    Originally posted by Requiem View Post
    Here is the list.

    Has some good tidbits and information regarding the players and their preferences (stay, leave, type of tag, etc.)

    Some good names down there I didn't even know were available.
    First time I've noticed the words "Franchise Tag" in reference to DRC. Seems like a spendy proposition.


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      Freeman- inaccurate with 10 cents head... Lol

      I'd love to see Denver snag Carrington. He was really coming in a Buffalo before injury, he'd be a nice value pickup


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        Originally posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
        notice under Deckers Peyton gets the props...
        So does Moreno. Lol.


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          I'd like to see us pick up James Jones or take a shot on Nicks if we lose Decker.


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            #2 and #31 please.


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              Here is my wish list...I wouldn't expect to sign everyone, but more than half would be cool...

              Keep Champ and move him to safety on a severe paycut with opportunities for incentives in case he shows up during the year. Thinking 2-3 mil would still be an acceptable offer, rather than having him sign for vet min.

              Try to restructure with Peyton to add cap space, he's almost in desperation mode for his chance at 1 or 2 more titles and this will be his last team so it's about time to go all in.

              I think we may want to consider franchising Rodgers-Cromartie , unless there is a comparable corner for cheaper. THe list of FA corners didn't really impress me.

              I would absolutely love having Jared Allen here to help with the pass rush, and I think we have room for him as well. Especially if we release Dreesen and Beadles.

              Dansby, if we can offer a few more dollors than AZ... i don't think it would take much more than their offer to sign him given our present window for a Super Bowl.

              We could possibly get McFadden on the cheap, with a 1 year deal to give him a chance at a Super Bowl. Not really sure on his personality though, and if he'd be willing to take a 1 year deal in a split or limited role, depending on how well Ball progresses this off season. Not sure if he would be willing. The opportunity is our biggest selling point.

              Resign Phillips, but I dont know what his market value is.

              Moreno, Decker walk, unless Moreno signs on the cheap and we DONT sign another FA RB. Decker gone for sure.

              I really want Woodyard back as well...just not sure how realistic that is based on need. Dont know if Hilton is signed past this year.

              Roberto Garcia could be a good enough center on our O-Line to do better than Rocket Launcher Ramirez. Hes a Top 16 center which I doubt Ramirez is...just judging by the first play in the super bowl, along with multiple snap/fumble issues with Manning.

              LeGarrette Blount would be interesting too, him and Ball could compliment each other well, with Hillman as the different pace back, sounds like Hillman might be given a chance to redeem himself for last year. If not Blount, then Bradshaw? Should be cheap and comes with 4.5yd/c for his career.

              Try to get Charles Woodson again at SS...see if he brightened up from last year. Min vet deal only.

              Finally, try to sign QB Chris Henne...yeah just kidding.


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                Byrd is the wyrd


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                  Any chance we could get Byrd?


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                    Originally posted by McDman View Post
                    Any chance we could get Byrd?
                    He wants to be the highest paid FS in football... Are we wiling to pay 9 plus a year for a FS?

                    Or more likely the Bills will tag him, are we willing to give up a second and that contract he wants?


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                      DeMarcus Ware could be released, Jerry Jones says



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                        Req's Thoughts.

                        Try to get Byrd, Johnson, Verner or Ward as a premier guy.

                        If not, consider these guys:

                        Jared Allen, Everson Griffen, Chris Clemons, Donte Whitner, Captain Munnerlyn, James Jones, Jon Asamoah, Toby Gerhart, Darryl Smith.


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                          Alterraun Verner please. Sign DRC to a 3+ year deal.

                          DRC, Verner and Harris at CB. Champ takes a cut and plays safety, or doesn't and leaves.


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                            Verner and DRC, that would be a nice duo.

                            I actually think there are some options out their in the secondary..

                            Grimes, Davis, Verner, Tillman @ CB

                            Byrd, Ward, Hitner, Mitchell, Bethea, Brown, Pollard, Delmas, Jenkins @ S


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                              Originally posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
                              AWE... my brother would poop a hundred times over if that man came and played on the same team as my man Peyton....D. Ware is his favorite and has been forever ... he loves to give me crap about Peyton...that would be to funny...
                              Two questions about your brother:

                              1) Is his basement finished, or unfinished?
                              2) Is his dose the 10 mg, or the 12.5 mg time-released?