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    Originally posted by Jason in LA View Post
    I wouldn't rank him very high, but not for the reasons stated in that article. His win/loss record got a huge shot in the arm when the Broncos signed Manning. That added 26 regular season wins to it over two years.

    But I don't think there was one decision in the Super Bowl that cost them the game. Down 29-0, that game was a wrap! There really wasn't another decision to make.
    It adds about 10 wins if the Broncos go 8-8 every year. It depends on where the Broncos spend the $100 million given to Peyton. The new regime showed improvements in year 1 without Peyton. There's no reason to think we wouldn't have kept improving the last two years if we went a different direction. I think Peyton has given him 6 additional wins tops.


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      I don't think that's necessarily fair to Fox. I've always felt that he is a really good coach - pretty much a players coach and a numbers coach. He has a solid career record, and has taken two different teams to Super Bowls - one with Jake Delhomme, and the other with half the defense and an All-Pro left tackle on IR.

      Edit - I think he's at least average.
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        Originally posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
        Which team were you hoping Peyton Manning would sign with? You probably didn't want him to come to Denver since the team is a bunch of losers without him. Peyton thought differently. He thought Denver was ready to win now. That gave us an edge over most teams, but not San Francisco. I think he felt like he would mesh with John Fox over somebody like Harbaugh. He liked the presence of Elway. Elway hadn't proven much yet, only a one year turnaround that started with hiring John Fox.


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          what an total **** hole article. So many coaches ranked where they shouldn't be. What a waste of Internet space.