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Happy Birthday You Sexy Things!

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  • Happy Birthday You Sexy Things!

    Happy birthday to Broncoblue, backupQB, SoDakBronco.

    Now I'd say you are all equal in my eyes, but that would be a lie. Broncoblue is my favorite because when I lived in England I got to meet that drunken lunatic. He is by far one of my favorite people, tho that guy curses like nobody's business. He's briliant though and I love that he started up his own overseas bronco fansite. He's so awesome. I was very fortunate to meet him and one of our other awesome fans from Scotland who hooked me up with a ticket to the game.

    In dark days like this post meltdown, I remember how amazing our fanbase is reaching around the world so I really want to take this time to give my most fond birthday wishes to my guy Broncoblue. I also want to do that for SoDak and backup because we all deserve a little happiness.

    Without further adieu, some birthday goodies.
    Some pictures I cannot post: but they involve slutty women and bacon.

    A drink because I know it's one of Blue's faves:


    Anyway have a good one and if not at least get drunk enough so you forget it.

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      Happy B Day!!!


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        Happy Birthday guys!


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          Happy birthday boys but I think Broncoblue is already into the next day being in the UK (he just loves that part).