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Broncos redesigning logo and jersey (RUMOR)

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  • Broncos redesigning logo and jersey (RUMOR)

    Hello Broncos fans! I wanted to address some rumors going around about you guys in the last 24 hours, I think you'll want to hear what I have to say! (self.DenverBroncos)

    submitted 12 hours ago by trash432a

    One of my very good friends and fraternity brothers works for a company called Hydrographics Inc. HGI works in conjunction with many sports outfitters (especially Nike) and is the leading company in helmet design in this nation.
    My old reddit name is Trash432. My account was suspended last fall for reasons I'd rather not get into, but luckily I had a backup one. I was the first to let Fins and Vikings fans know about the changes they got last season.
    Anyways to make this post actually worth your time reading it, I too saw the rumors yesterday about your team possibly being in the market for new uniforms. I called up my buddy and asked him if there was any truth to the rumors. Here's what he had to say:
    Yes, you are getting new uniforms
    This has been in the making since Nike took over
    Until this past Sunday's events, Orange was to be the primary
    Orange is no longer the primary as of Monday morning and Nike has been green lit to test a new color scheme
    The Uniforms have a deadline of the 2015 Draft
    This is the longest uniform project Nike has ever undertaken, and just like in 97 the Broncos will be given a template completely unique to them, not even Oregon will have this template for a couple years
    A new logo is in the works
    Phil Knight wants the Broncos to become the Oregon of the NFL. The team holds a special place in his heart as the first football team to let Nike have complete control over a design.

    So there you have it Denver. Official news should come out around the beginning of next season. Nike is going to hype up this reveal big time.
    Apparently this same guy leaked news about Vikings and Dolphins uniform changes before anyone else, as well.

    Also rumored by another source on Twitter:
    **BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: Denver Broncos contacted Nike and are looking to make uniform changes. Will notify NFL at Owners meeting #IBN
    Thoughts? Feelings?

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    no orange no deal

    also "the oregon of the NFL" would basically guarantee that these things would be terrible

    sounds like bull**** anyway


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      Ran here after I heard this, too. Dont like that orange is out, do like that this redesign is under way.


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        Orange needs to stay the primary. It is Denver Broncos. There is no other team in the league with orange as the primary. I do think the helmet color, logo, away from the the dark blue and back to the light blue, could use a change.


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          Rumors are the Orange Mane will change to Oregon Mane.


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            If a guy named trash didn't break it I woukdn't have believed it.


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              Originally posted by McDman View Post
              If a guy named trash didn't break it I woukdn't have believed it.
              Trash was right before. That must make you slightly curious.


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                The scientists at Nike invented a new color that nobody has ever seen before.


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                  I read this earlier this morning... color me intrigued. I like the idea of a new design. I still want orange as the primary.

                  Below are some of his comments

                  Of course, I'm just relaying information for those who want spoilers lol. The official unveil will be a commercial during the opening game of the 2014 season. People won't know what it is, just that Nike is involved. The theme of the add will be beauty and perfection. When you see that, you'll remember this and know this is legit.
                  There were other campaigns in the works already. One is downright badass. It will survive without orange being the primary.
                  No no, the announcement will come at the beginning of the season. You won't see the uniforms until the night of the Draft.
                  As I said in my original post, this is the most time Nike has ever devoted to a uniform set. It will be a slow burn reveal. The first ad you won't even know it's for the Broncos, just that something big is coming from Nike.
                  Orange is still going to be an accent color.
                  If you pay attention there will be a blurb on ESPN or NFL Network on a busy news day (like Thursday Night Kickoff or HOF weekend) and it will say something along the lines of "Broncos submit uniform revisions to league for approval"
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                    I, for one, welcome our new Nike overlords.


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                      Orange has been less than lucky for Denver, especially in the superbowl.

                      I actually liked the new scheme in 96-97 better than the old , and we were dominant in the blue unis for a few years. The old school logo is also one that
                      had history , but one that was not visually striking . The D was dominant , and the bronco inside was an afterthought. Since the letter D was dominant the logo was in opposite directions on each side of the helmet, and was inconsistent. The new logo always had the Bronco head going downfield. The current logo is one I like, and I don't see how they can improve it much.

                      So the removal of the Primary color being Orange,is not one I will cry about.
                      And it indicates that Bowlen , and maybe Elway now believe in the Orange jinx, like Shanny did. The look of the blue uniform was designed to help the team seem more intimidating to the opposition, and instill confidence in the team.

                      What is more intimidating? ....Black. Black body with Orange Outlined numbers and striping. The Bumblebees!

                      Or maybe we'll go back to the striped socks.


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                        Originally posted by TheReverend View Post
                        They should be focused on redesigning the men inside the jerseys, but hey, nice shiny distraction from the steamer Seattle left on their chest in front of our entire species.

                        Not. Too. Shabby.
                        I think they should stamp 15-4 on the helmets.


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                          I say bring it on, despite having the late 90's logo currently on my shoulder for the rest of my life (tattoo).

                          Why not us? And honestly, I think I am back in a place where I don't give a s-it about the Orange. 'Cuz whatever this shade of Orange is currently is warping my fragile little mind. It's weird, either that or my tv is jacked...


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                            Found a leaked design...

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                              A guess tradition is not something that the Broncos are interested in. I really don't care for anything that Oregon does with their uniforms, and I don't like all these high tech designs that started with the Broncos.

                              This is just all around bad news.