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  • The day after talk

    Today at work I had 5 people come up to me and say that was embarrassing, 2people say Im sorry, and 1 bronco fan say I don't want to talk about it. I also had 1 charger fan trying to talk smack about how they would have done better, but I silenced her with some charger history. Man, the way people are talking it would have been less embarrassing to go 0-16. So are you guys dealing with this type of talk or are you getting it worse?

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    Honestly I took the day off work. I had it planned for doctor's appointments. I figured if we won I'd rather be home drunk and stupid then at work and if we lost then again I'd rather be home drunk and stupid. But yeah even then I got stuff at the dr office where they know I am a Bronco fan. Of course I was wearing a Champ Bailey Jersey too because i love him and the team so **** everyone else. (have I mentioned I am a little upset today..heh)


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      Broncos fans are disgusted and ashamed that group of pussies who wore Orange last night.

      Other than that, people were pretty upbeat.


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        The casual fans across the league are all over this type of failure. They don't know anything about the teams but they have a lot of ammo when it's a 43-8 beatdown.

        People saying the broncos shouldn't even been there. Ruining parties with piss poor play. Got a lot of the high school team comparisons. Then this guy. Left pic a few weeks ago. Right pic last night.
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