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It hurts but Great Season

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  • It hurts but Great Season

    Watching the Super Bowl last night was one of the pain fullest things I had to do. But I sat there and thought hell with it if the old timers dealt with the Super Bowl blow outs so can I. Great season btw Go Orange

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    Is this supposed to be a moral victory? It was an exciting season, but I wouldn't call it a success in the slightest. We are losers, no better than the other 30 losers.


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      I was thinking about this. I agree that there are no moral victories, and the ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl and we clearly didn't accomplish that.

      BUT, for me personally I went to all 8 home games, 1 away game, 2 playoff games, and the Super Bowl.

      Along the way I got to witness one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time play at an extremely high level. I got to witness records being broken. I got to witness an AFC Championship.

      I feel like I'm bragging and that's not the point I'm making. This year provided a lot of great memories for me is all I'm saying. Would I trade it all for a win last night? Sure. But we can't do that. All we can do is wait for opening day next year. Hopefully another fun season with us in the mix for a Super Bowl. Make no mistake, we'll be favorites in the AFC again. Hopefully we can improve and hang with these NFC boys.


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        Will take some time to see this that way.

        if you loose a game 23:30 you say ok god year just came a liitle short. but you get blown out like this? man thats tough. but we will have to deal with this.


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          Nah, last night tainted any good out of the season, lets be real. The best season this franchise has had since Elway was the Tebow one (we didn't get as far but punched WELL above our weight and came through in the clutch time and again) - sums it up really.