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It's All Tracy Porter's Fault, and other excuses. BS!

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  • It's All Tracy Porter's Fault, and other excuses. BS!

    If Tracy Porter drops that pick in the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning drives the Colts to the game winning touchdown (+ 2 pt. conversion?) against the Saints. Irsay keeps Manning on after the neck injury to mentor Luck.

    Meanwhile the Broncos draft Brandon Weeden in the first round, and right now, all of us are talking about who we are going to take with the 10th pick in the draft.

    BULL****! OR HORSEPUCKEY!, if you prefer.

    As awful as tonight was, I would gladly take tonight's abortion and all the success and heartbreaks of the last two seasons. As opposed to being a middling team with no real hope for the future.

    I'm not really an optimistic person usually, but at this point I've kind of got to appreciate how far the Broncos got in such a short amount of time.

    Flame on.
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    Yes.... The media make crap up to stir up debate and get listeners and idiots take it seriously and think they're listening to some expert analysis and begin to parrot all over the place.

    If I keep hearing Broncos fans lobbing the same slurs at Peyton they threw at Elway back in the 1980s, I am going to start smacking people.