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We were wrong, and Seattle fans were right.

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  • We were wrong, and Seattle fans were right.

    About everything.

    They pressured us into mistakes.

    They were more physical in the secondary.

    Manning played poorly and made mistakes.

    Percy Harvin was a major factor.

    We were out coached.

    We were out-played

    We were out classed.

    Defense does trump offense.

    Seattle is the better team and they proved it today.

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      I kind of felt it coming. I've watched every one of their games with Lynch on my dynasty team. They are badass. And their coaching staff is more motivated than ours.


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        I don't even think in their wildest dreams they imagined a thrashing like this. No one did. This is worse than the Raiders loss to Tampa or the Giants loss to Balt.


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          Pretty much.

          Hopefully, we'll get a garbage time touchdown to avoid another dubious SB record.


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              At least we're not getting shut ou... wait, we are. Never mind.

              This is worse than the 80's, all rolled into 60 minutes of football.


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                Yup. They ARE the best team in the NFL. Hands down.

                I guarantee if they were tested right now, the whole team would be suspended for steroids. I have no doubts.


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                  You win, Armchair.


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                    Comes down to better coaching. Not just talking about the game plan either. All NFL players are good, very few are truly game changers. It's having the right system and coaching the simple things like holding on to the football, when to take a kickoff out of the endzone, etc. etc. etc.


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                      Turning off my first broncos game ever.... At least I won a 250 dollar SB square... Sucks


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                        Originally posted by DenverBound View Post

                        I guarantee if they were tested right now, the whole team would be suspended for steroids. I have no doubts.
                        no doubt. but with no doesn't matter


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                          Seattle won the mental part of the game. They had nothing to do with Ramirez snapping the ball over Manning's head. Colquitt's crap punts. Prater's short kickoff. Bad decisions by coaches, but also Seattle clearly the tougher team, physically, but more importantly, mentally too. That showed from the start.


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                            This was like the scene in saving private ryan when the german is telling the jewish guy "ssshhhhhh" while stabbing him....except that it's lasting 4 hours.


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                              even seattle fans were not expecting a blowout at his level, for the most part.

                              there is going to have to be major, major changes for the broncos next year. Might not be his fault, but I would start with the coaching staff.