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All I have been hearing on TV, radio and from the fans. Seattle shut down every great TE they faced.

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  • All I have been hearing on TV, radio and from the fans. Seattle shut down every great TE they faced.

    Vernon Davis. Shut down, but hes the 49ers biggest weapon.

    Jimmy Grahm. Shut down, but hes the Saints biggest weapon.

    Tony G. Shut down, but hes the Falcons biggest weapon. (with their injuries this year)

    The biggest difference with Orange Julius is that hes not our biggest weapon hes a luxury in our offense our biggest weapon is Demaryius, Decker, Welker in that order.

    People keep saying Kam Chancellor will cover Julius all game, really? Great thats going to be awesome to run draws and screens against and our outside receivers can run man beaters all day. Assuming Dan Quinn isn't dumb Julius Thomas will have a good game because Seattle won't be able to game plan to stop him unless they wan't to be beat badly on the outside.

    Another thing I heard is KJ Wright will cover him all game, a LB sorry I don't care who the linebacker is I will take that match up with manning throwing him the ball.

    Go Broncos

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    The Seahawks will have to be as good as their fans claim they are to cover all of the Broncos weapons....I'm sorry, but someone will be open and Manning will find them.


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      Was trying to go back and watch when the Seahawks faced a similar offense (couldn't find a whole bunch or anything real close)

      but I took a look at the Texans game, I know they have a big WR and usually have some pretty good TEs and the TE position ate them up that game, so did Andre Johnson.

      Houston's offense went for 476 yds that game, the running game had 150 and Schaub had 355 yds passing. That game Andre Johnson had 9 catches 110 yds. The two TE's combined for 11 catches 141 yds. Seattle's D was healthy this game too no one was out with injuries.

      Our offense is way better than Houston's offense as we all know, so its going to be interesting to see how they try and game plan. Also wondering if people see us using a few two TEs set not only to get the run game going but to create more mismatches. They use Bruce Irvin similar to how we use Von Miller, why not force him to cover a TE from time to time Virgil Green or Tamme either way I can see us doing this.