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Kupesdad or anyone: Has Chris Kuper completely healed from his ankle injury?

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  • Kupesdad or anyone: Has Chris Kuper completely healed from his ankle injury?

    Was just wondering about Kuper and the future he has with the team. It's terrible what has happened to his career over the past two seasons, especially when he was long considered our best OL sans Clady for years. I remember a couple of quotes/accolades that highlighted just how dominate/respected Kuper was league wise:

    Quick question, who is the toughest opponent that Ndamukong Suh has ever gone head-to-head against in his NFL career? Quick answer: Denver Broncos right guard Chris Kuper. Kuper did something to Suh that has only happened twice in Suh's career-- shut him out.

    If Suh is nasty Kuper is disgusting, former Denver guard Mark 'Stink' Schlereth called Kuper, "One of the nastiest players you will ever see, not only to the whistle but beyond the whistle."

    From his player pdf on

    Named a first-team All-Pro selection by The Dallas Morning News (Rick Gosselin) in 2011
    after starting all 16 regular-season games and helping the Broncos lead the league in
    rushing with a team-record 2,632 yards.
    • Finished as the NFL’s only 16-game starting guard to not allow a sack in 2008 (Stats Inc.)
    If Kuper has completely recovered (or is presumed to be completely healthy by next year's training camp), it makes sense to let Beadles walk and move Vasquez over to LG and reinsert the most underrated Bronco back at RG. If he is back to form, our OL next year would be even better than this year and that is just downright unfair.

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    You saw when he tried to play a full game this season right? He has joint damage. Chronic swelling with excessive impact on that joint. Would be highly surprised if he didn't retire after this season.

    He should have retired last season. I love the dude, and hope he can do normal stuff, like hiking, and bunting, with his family.


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      I think keeping the Oline in intact has to be a top priority next year. Keep Manning upright.


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        Why make our best lineman move? Keep Vasquez where he is

        If we do anything with Kuper, hopefully it involves cutting him and saving the ~$6 million he's due next year.


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          It's pretty obvious the dude is still hurt.


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            Chris has been a trooper here and we're lucky to have had him. Odds are we're going to let him go though. Too many needs elsewhere unfortunately.


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              It would be cool to see him play in the game some how.


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                This line has good chemistry that you don't want to mess with. I am hopeful Kuper can recover.