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On trolling, message boards, the playoffs and having a good football team.

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  • On trolling, message boards, the playoffs and having a good football team.

    I think it's time we have a talk. This talk is about the realities of living in the information age, having a team that is in the Super Bowl and being quarterbacked by arguably the greatest QB in history.

    First, let's think about where we are. This is a message board. That means people are going to come here to discuss football. You can actually discuss any number of topics here. And as opinions are diverse and abundant, so to are the discussions here.

    The beauty and curse of the internet is all opinions are being shared. Some, are indeed just voicing to be an irritant. And many are genuinely stupid. As a result of this, we have been given the means via bookmarks, news apps and other means to filter out the news we don't care for. I don't want to go on too long, but a result of this is people have gotten used to hearing things they like to hear. To never being challenged. I find that trend dangerous (and frankly kind of boring.)

    Which brings me to the recent surge in fans from other teams. Let's remember some things though.
    1. This team is very good. Between the Tebow mania, Manning being the QB, that we have had a lot of narionally televised games and that we're playing the biggest sporting event next to the world cup, many people who aren't Bronco fans have had to watch the Broncos. This means many more fans, and many more haters. We're a high profile team and have been for some time. People picked us to be in this game. That brings with it all kinds of attention, good and bad.
    2. Other teams have fans. No seriously they do. They post on forums like this one and are excited abou their team. Every week those fans believe their team can win and they want to tell us about it. This is a football board, so that is ok. I am amazed at how every time a new poster shows up, they are immediately accused of being Bob. Like there is no way there could be other people who actully want to talk up their team. Bob doesn't even troll like he used to. His posts when we were competing for the division were pretty modest compared to previous years. He should be proud of the amount of paranoia he has instilled in some Bronco fans.
    3. This is the Super Bowl week. Many of the fans of all other teams will come here to tell us why we can or cannot win. This includes fans of the Broncos who only follow us in the playoffs and turn into mouthy posters. It is part of the hype and is to be expected. If you find someone's comments distracting from the serious business of reading a football forum, ignore them. I have put more people on ignore the last month than I have the last year.
    4. When a person disagrees with you, they often are not trolling. They may be stupid, wrong or whatever, but having a disagreeable opinion isn't trolling.

    So let's handle this a bit better, folks. The Orange Mane is supposed to be a more rough around the edges forum. Let's not freak out every time a Seahawk fan says they think their receivers are better than ours. Let's laugh and make fun of them.

    Let's not accuse every new handle of being Bob, even if it is a bunch of Nazi symbols.

    Let's not be afraid of someone disagreeing with us, even if their opinion is pretty bad, we're not the worse for being challenged a bit in our conventions.

    And please, let's stop whining. There is one poster who I think came the closest to actual trolling in the last four weeks and he was a Bronco fan. Most of the other fan's posts are their honest and horrid opinions.

    We're playing in the Super Bowl. People love and hate us. Enjoy this moment. The last one was 15 years ago. Who knows when we'll be back.

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    well said


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      Can we ban this guy already?


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        Preach it.


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            still 1000 times better than the Tebow year(s)


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              Preach, Minister Farrakhan!


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                hmm good point


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                  You're defending Bob. There is only on person that would defend Bob.

                  Kalore… is… Bob.

                  Seriously though - good post!


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                    Backs out of thread slowly...


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                      44,137 post rule


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                        can we post bewbs again?


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                          somebody's looking for attention and praise today


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                            "Let's not accuse every new handle of being Bob, even if it is a bunch of Nazi symbols."

                            That may not be Bob, but it was a banned member as their IP address came back to a banned profile.


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