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Chris Harris 104.3FM Superbowl Interview

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  • Chris Harris 104.3FM Superbowl Interview

    On 104.3 the Fan:

    Q: Is this breaking you're heart?
    Harris: We're gonna come back hungry next with all the guys who've been out (Harris, Wolfe, Miller, Vickerson, Moore).

    Q: What do you think about DRC saying he is going to retire?
    Harris: Nah, I'm not taking DRC serious at all. Doesn't listen to anything DRC says. He's a wild boy. He's definitely different. DRC says he's never been on a boat and he's from Florida....laughter

    Q: Seattle tendencies in pressure situations?
    Harris: A lot of times they're covered, and Russell Wilson makes a play. They'll stack WR's on one side, and run Lynch to the other. They can spread guys out and dink and dunk too.

    Q: Do Broncos ever ask for your input?
    Harris: Had a lot of input when he was playing, now he'll just shoot them a text.

    Q: What do Broncos have to look out for?
    Harris: Tackling is going to be huge in this game, really just shutting down Lynch.

    Q: What about Harvin?
    Harris: When he gets the ball, you have to tackle him. If we don't do a good job of tackling him he can take it 60 yards in the brink of an eye. He feels sick, because this game fits him (Harris) perfect.

    Q: Seattle says they're not going to change a thing, or disguise their Defense?
    Harris: I don't see them doing that. They have to disguise Peyton Manning. That's to easy for him, regardless of what they have. He'll make them pay.

    Q: Is Russell Wilson a top 10 passer?
    No. Definitely not. There's a lot of good passers that I would put ahead of him when it comes to passing. If we get a good rush, and take away from that first option it's going to be tough for him to make a lot of throws. It's the Marshawn Lynch show. They have Russell Wilson throw when they need it. If he throws for 150-200 they're happy with that. Thought Lynch media day was funny. DRC is like that too.

    Q: What about Richard Sherman's antics?
    Harris: Thinks Sherman is so cocky because he was a 5th round pick. Champ never had to say anything, because he was a top 10 pick. He had the love from the jump.

    Q:Who wins 1-on-1, DT or Richard Sherman?
    Demaryius Thomas. All DT has to do is get open for a tad bit, and Manning will deliver it. DT is very strong, and has very strong hands.

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    Neil Smith Interview: This game will be over quicker than you know it. Bruce Smith said the night before SB32 that it will be the fastest 60 minutes of your life, and It was true. Neil didn't even realize that TD went out of the game. The game was so quick. The moment is very short. You have to seize that moment. You better get on your horse, and play fast early.

    Alfred Williams will try to tell some Broncos that piece of advice this week.
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      DRC Interview:

      Q: What about retirement?
      DRC: They know not to listen to anything that comes out of my mouth. I was really just talking about the 1 year deal.

      Q: What did you tell the team when Fox had SB guys go ahead of the team?
      DRC: Take that week before the SB seriously, because when you get there you're going to be in awe. It was a big week last week. We got to learn Seattle, and get used to cold weather.

      Q: When Wilson is getting pressure he throws it up?
      DRC: When Wilson scrambles the WR does a great job of getting open. You gotta be disciplined in your eyes. By the time you look back that ball's already in the air.

      Q: What jumps out at you?
      DRC: The running game. They're a physical team that wants to pound the ball and get after people.

      Q: John Elway had some tough words for you after the Seattle preseason game?
      DRC: It was more so towards the Defense. He said we had a soft Defense.

      Q: What do you think about Paris Lenon?
      DRC: Paris is not a ra ra guy. You respect a guy like that. He definitely has that dog in him. He's a downhill guy.

      Q: What about Edelman?
      DRC: Edelman said that the coaches told him to get after DRC. I was definitely mad, lucky it didn't take a toll on me. DRC said, "I liked it".

      Q: How has a dude from Florida never been on a boat?
      DRC: I been on a beach, and on a jetski, but I never been on a boat. My grandma used to fishing, she would take me to a pond around the corner, or hanging off a bridge, but never did get to ride on a boat.

      Alfred Williams told DRC on air that Neil Smith reminded him to tell all the guys that this game will be the fastest game of your life.


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        very interesting, and thank you for sharing from someone who lives far away from CO. I wish Harris was playing, feel bad for the guy. If we get a ring, he earned it anyway in helping get the team to the big dance.


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          So the edelman hit on DRC was deliberate


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            Originally posted by Bronco View Post
            So the edelman hit on DRC was deliberate
            Edelman told DRC that "the coaches" told him to go after DRC hard to try to get him out of his element. That's why we saw that screenshot of Edelman engaging DRC at the LOS (with DRC eventually pinning Edelman to the ground) on an earlier play after the commercial break when DRC was injured.


            PFF rates Broncos OL #1 in the NFL.


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              man, that's too bad he's not in NJ with the healthy guys.