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Pat Bowlen for the Hall of Fame!

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  • Pat Bowlen for the Hall of Fame!

    I won't bother bumping the thread created by the Patriot whiner last week.

    Pat Bowlen was (as usual) a bit unintentionally funny yesterday. Obviously, he's never been very good in front of a crowd. And he's clearly not getting any younger. But man, I was happy for him yesterday!

    Check out the picture below. (If I had to caption it, I would probably go with, "Mother, look at the pretty cake I baked you!" )How could you not be happy for this nice, little man - especially when you consider that he's been the chief executive of the team that's going to its sixth Super Bowl, under his watch?

    When he brought in the coach who will not be named, he mentioned that he desperately wanted another shot at a Lombardi Trophy, before he died. It obviously didn't work out the way he wanted. Say what you want about that era (ahem, SoCal). What I appreciate is that he cut bait, and then provided the resources to make another run.

    Here's to you, Mr. Bowlen! I hope your mind is sharp enough to fully appreciate the fact that you're back at the cusp of your dream. And I hope you end up with a bust in Canton!

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    I think he's deserving. And you guys should see the construction he's doing for the new facility. It's pretty awesome.


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      By the way, any of you who have tried to read anything on the Boston Globe today have realized that you cannot read a single article there, without hitting their paywall. What a joke! Most papers will let you have a handful of reads, knowing that non-locals will not be interested in paying for their limited interest (and at least, from them, they still reap advertising money).

      What's ironic is that they link Kiszla's article from today's post (about Bowlen), and they make it free to everyone - despite the fact that the Post is also now behind a paywall.

      It would be like a kid beating the crap out of the little kid sampling the lemonade at his lemonade stand, then stealing lemons from another lemonade stand on the next street over.

      I truly hate everything about Boston.


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        He looks wasted in that pick . Just sayin.


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          Originally posted by Quoydogs View Post
          He looks wasted in that pick . Just sayin.
          Hence, my caption.

          But still...