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    ****ing waaaah

    Tired of Peter King and the rest of them making excuses for the Patriots "depleted", ugh, offense. How about some accountability

    Maybe you shouldnt draft PCP addict murdering Thugs... or always injured Tight Ends (Gronk, missed a full year in college)... Or sign soft ass, always hurt Free Agents (Danny Amendola)... Or choose to let your best WR go to a conference Rival (Wes Welker)... Or expect 7th round 5'6 WR's to carry your offense (Edelman)...

    Enough with the cry babies. We lost 2 pro bowlers, our starting center, two starting defensive lineman, our best Corner, our starting Safety,,, but Elway and the coaches did their jobs and the next Man stepped-the-****-UP
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