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  • What's your superstition?

    Ok.....kind of goofy, but here's what I did the last 2 playoff games.

    Right before the SD game, I went out and bought just a 12-pack of Bud Light......I know, crap beer, but still the official beer of the NFL.

    When I went to grab the first one about a half hour before kickoff, I noticed that I had ONE Sam Adam's in the fridge.

    So, I said to myself, "I can't have this New England beer in my house before the game." So I poured this ONE Sam Adams into my Broncos glass to "negate the power of the Patriots". Yeah, I know.....we were playing San what.

    So, yesterday, I decided to do the same thing. Now we WERE playing New England, so I went to the store.....bought another 12-pack of Bud Light.....and I bought a SINGLE 24 oz. Sam Adams.

    Same ritual.....poured the Sam into a Broncos glass and drank it before the game to "negate the power of New England". Then just drank the Bud Light during the game.

    So I ask that the Pats are out of the playoffs.....should I do the same before the Superbowl? Except this time with a single beer from the state of Washington? I say yes. I think the only Washington state microbrew that is sold in MA (that I can find, anyway) is Redhook.

    So that's the plan. I'll drink ONE Redhook out of my Broncos glass before the game.

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    Denver Broncos hoodie to work on Friday...


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      I don't have any.


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        My superstition is to not have any. Every time I've tried to replicate a good vibe, win, whatever, it just doesn't work (contrary to Bud Light's assertions).


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          Cook steaks before the game and start eating at the start of the game.
          I thought about wearing my Elway or Decker jersey, but decided not to, since I didn't wear them last week, so my routine is going to remain the same pretty much.
          Oh, we're watching at home, we get multiple invitations to SB parties every year, but let's see what management has to say, I think I can convince her to stay home and have our own SB party


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            Back when we went to our Super Bowl in 1998 I went out and bought a coat with the new Broncos logo on the back. A few days before the game I was talking to my buddy on the phone explaining how nervous I was. I had just come in the apartment I was living in at the time from outside and was cooking some dinner. I hadn't yet taken my coat off yet. I was telling my bud I just didn't want the Broncos to go to yet another Super Bowl and lose. I had lived through that 55 - 10 disaster while I lived in San Fran and I didn't think my poor heart could take it.

            While talking to him, I was leaning up against the stove. The bottom edge of my coat touched against the stove and burned a bit of the coat. I jumped back and immediately thought it was a bad omen. I told my buddy, "Oh crap! The Broncos are going to get 'burned' in the Super Bowl!'" Of course, we all know what happened. That coat was good luck.

            Fast forward 15 years. That coat has hung in my closet for the better part of the last decade as I aged and got a lot fatter. Last year I lost 65 lbs. and found the coat this winter. I took it out and have been wearing it the last couple of months. I'm going to keep wearing that coat until I don it for our Victory Parade coming this February where I first wore it downtown to welcome our victorious team down Broadway!

            GO BRONCOS!!


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              Last year, I purchased a pair of bright orange and navy blue Puma shoes. They're very comfortable, but I had almost completely forgotten about them the morning of the Chargers playoff game. My go-to gameday footwear is a pair of gray and baby blue Adidas throwbacks, but I couldn't very well wear baby blue to play the Chargers. So I dug in my closet, found these Pumas, and put 'em on.

              They'll be paired with my orange DT jersey and my throwback cap until this crazy ride is over.


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                I have 2 right now. I got a PFM "salute to service" jersey from Santa and it's not allowed to be washed until this is all over. I also got a new Broncos Tervis from also will not be washed until this is done. I only drink water from it, but I am sure it's ****ing filthy.

                All worth it


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                  There are no such thing as superstitions. I always laugh when some people think what they do actually affects the outcome of an NFL game.


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                    Thinking about not cutting my beard off. I shaved it the monday of the week we lost to the chargers. That was our last lost. Other than that... none anymore. Long time ago it would be wearing my junior sized TD jersey every gameday.


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                      For these playoffs, wear the same unwashed hoodie, jeans, underwear, and socks. I go to my dad's house and the pregame meal is nachos. We are undefeated when I watch with my dad at his house. We drink Orange Crush. I sit in a chair, he sits on a couch. We watch it on his 11 year old bull**** big screen TV. Mine is much better but I make that sacrifice so we may win. That's gonna be my Super Bowl party. No one else is invited.

                      This is similar to how we did it in '97. Though at Super Bowl 32 I took tequila shots every time we scored. That strategy is under consideration for this game.


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                        Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
                        There are no such thing as superstitions. I always laugh when some people think what they do actually affects the outcome of an NFL game.

                        Guess this thread isn't for you then.


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                          Originally posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
                          There are no such thing as superstitions. I always laugh when some people think what they do actually affects the outcome of an NFL game.
                          Dude, don't be a douche.


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                            Playoff Beard


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                              I go out and buy beer brewed in CO and drink out of my Hard Rock Denver glass. Both playoff games I bought New Belgium. I always wear my orange dry-fit PFM shirt with my custom blue and orange chuck taylors with "5280" stitched into the side. I've done this all season.

                              This part is new for the playoffs. I have 2 dogs, Champ is boxer-husky and I pet him exclusively while we're on defense for obvious reasons. Jacks is lab-collie and I pet him exclusively while we're on offense. They love the extra attention and both sides of the ball are playing well.

                              For the big game I'm packing them up and heading down to Texas (I live in MO) to watch the game with my dad. We watched together in '97 and '98 and I can't imagine watching Denver in the SB without my dad.