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  • JT, Welker, and RB's will need to be huge in this game, as they will be the easiest targets over the middle. If the weather is good enough, Manning won't hesitate to target all of the Seattle DB's, just like he did in preseason.

    Moreno and Ball will also need to come up big, as they will likely be running against 6-man boxes.


    • Originally posted by TheChamp24 View Post
      As long as we hold up in pass protection, I'm sure we'll find guys open to throw to.

      I can actually see the RB's being huge for this game for us. Seattle might be so focused on limiting the Four Horsemen that they forget about Moreno/Ball out of the backfield. Manning has shown he is perfectly willing to just dump it for 7 yards a pop like that if they give it to him.

      Also, I believe Sherman does NOT strictly shadow a WR. That means he will not exclusively be covering DT.

      Seattle has an excellent secondary. They match up well against us, it isn't like we have an overwhelming odds in our favor here. Sherman likely shuts down whoever he faces. Earl Thomas is excellent. Then Browner, Maxwell and Thurmond all are pretty solid. Kam is decent.

      To me, they probably will play a lot of mixed coverages limiting the four horsemen, but leaving the RB's potentially open for big plays throughout, which will then open up the crossing stuff. Key is also to have a somewhat decent ground game.

      We gotta be able to run on them in their nickle set when they don't have an extra guy in the box.
      They better play man coverage all day. Manning destroys zone coverage in unholy ways.