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    Post your best troll attempts on other boards and their best responses...

    Or just their best responses... we have some Chiefs' fans questioning the meaning of life...

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    Chiefs Planet:

    Rent a Championship / Dosent bother me as much
    <HR style="COLOR: #cccccc" SIZE=1> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> I know it will sound like sour grapes, etc etc etc etc etc.


    The way I look at it is like this, the broncos did what we did when we lured Montana here with the exception that he is still playing at the peak of his game vs. Montana on the downslide of his.

    With that being said, its one thing to have a quarterback you drafted and groomed or a quarterback from another team that you built a great team around and you went to a super bowl when it was a team win.

    I guess the reason I am not as bent as I thought I would be is because they paid him the most to come there but knowing that if he wasn't there the team is garbage, pretty much a 500 team at best. So you pay a guy and get him there at the end of his career, the TEAM isn't much, they just got lucky to get him.

    Like someone winning the lottery and having more money than another guy who had a much better job, doesn't mean the guy who won the lottery is better, just lucky.

    Denver as a team doesn't deserve the super bowl nor have they done anything to deserve it.

    Manning deserves it by the way he played this year ( and his receivers) but the rest of the team was average at very best.

    Put manning on 25 teams this year and he goes to the superbowl with them.

    When people from Denver will brag on and on, its not Denver that got them there is was manning 1 , manning 2, and manning 3

    Congrats Peyton and recievers, you guys deserved it.

    The rest of the team.... Congrats you won the lottery.
    <!-- / message -->


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      Who designed this ****ing forum? Awful.

      Here's another.


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        I always like the Chefplanet "take away the Peyton from the Broncos and they suck argument." Take away Rodgers from Greenbay. . . Take away Brady from the Pats . . . Take away Elway from the 98 team. . . Take away Johnny Unitas from . . .

        Just utter retardedness.


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          I'm not sure what is going on here


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            Why would you want to troll other boards? Isn't it irritating when they do it to us?


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              Dude...trollings' so lame!


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                I get his line of reasoning, but it really is sour grapes...Free Agency is 100% legitimate in building teams, even's just rare to get a good one in free agency...if this guy was alive at the time and being true to himself, those Chiefs teams with Montana were good, they beat Elway, they even beat the 49ers, so it's not just about luck, TEAMS have to execute to win Championships...Manning of all players, proves this...also, Manning didn't pick the Broncos because of the money, he was getting close to 20 million no matter where he went...he picked the Broncos, because after one short meeting, he knew that John Elway understood everything about what was important to Peyton Manning and would build a franchise that Manning could win with and be proud to be a leader in.


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                  OP is suffering from SPS.. Small Penis Syndrome, which leads to internet bully syndrome or just showing others on the other sites that you do not have a life aka bob or any of the 2 raider posters on this site.


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                    why troll other team forums just troll here kinda like this forgive me if i dont sound kc spud or bob enough
                    seahawkbob_spud : ummm the broncos suck they cant beat anyone with a winning postseason record ie the chargers are 1-1 in the playoffs pats 1-1 they havent beaten a team thats above 500.
                    peyton is just a rental unlike joe montana .john fox is just borrowed the chiefs i mean the seahawks . only got drafted players on their roster


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                      Trolling is for losers. Just look at all the losers that troll here. Do you really want to be one of them?


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                        This thread makes me sad for the OP.


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                          Not a big trolling fan, but a little tear sampling never hurt anyone.



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                            Originally posted by maven View Post
                            They think Seattle will crush Denver, that the Broncos don't know what's coming, and that the 49ers were their biggest hurdle to a championship.


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                              Originally posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
                              Not a big trolling fan, but a little tear sampling never hurt anyone.

                              Wow, that's hilarious. So many of them are rooting against Manning for the sake of the all-important QB debate. They just don't want to have to face the reality of a two-time SB winning Manning because it threatens their mangina-endowed QB's legacy somehow. What retards.

                              Hey Patriot fans, most fans of other teams already discount much of Brady's legacy because it was all the result of cheating. Deal with it.