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Hey Pats Fans - here's your one chance

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  • Hey Pats Fans - here's your one chance

    Post your contrite admissions that you were full of **** and that the Broncos are the class of the AFC this year right here

    Earn some respect or wallow in the baseless mediocrity that is your life FOREVER!!

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    The broncos were the best team on the field, no doubt about it.
    This is still an AFC town so we'll be pulling for you in the SB
    best of luck.


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      Kneel before Zod!


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        Davdog rep


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          Seriously New England Patriots fans - this is the place where you post to show your humble contrition to the Denver Broncos for the absolute domination this team has shown during the 2014 season, and 2014 playoffs.

          Post here.

          Not in some BS thread of your own devising or as a reply to another post providing some pansy ass explanation for why you're not cheering for a team in the Super Bowl this year.

          I will bump this thread EVERY TIME you post if you don't join in to show how much of a b**** you are EVERY TIME YOU SHOW UP.

          Take your medicine, Pats Fan, or **** off and die.