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    The coverage we get these days is so much more than it used to be. I was already hooked, and this week is just overload. I can't get enough, and I'm watching the news hourly for any updates. Updates are usually non-existent, and instead I get hooked in the Heads' picks and analysis. Just when those get boring, they give you team and personal history dating back a couple decades.

    I always hated the Pats. And Belichick. And Brady. ALWAYS. But in watching so much on their history this week, I hate to admit I've started liking them too. Or at least hating less. There's some great stories in there.

    Another point... I was always a Colts fan also. I've always been a Manning fan. But I find it a tad disrespectful so much coverage on the NFL channel has been on the Colts. If there's been an hour show about the history of Denver leading to this game, it has slipped by me. It's a great story also.

    Game time is 14 hours.

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    I'm with you brother, I'm nearly burned out on it though.

    I'm a pussy, I get it. But this non-sense about all the adversity that the Patriots have over come is absurd. Did Brady lose is starting LT? Did he lose his starting right tackle? Which center is NE, on? Denver is starting their third choice. At what point did New England's head coach have a major heart surgery and miss a month of the season? I haven't even mentioned the defense.

    I would have like the home teams chances if not for the goddam worst fvcking break I've ever seen losing Harris. I mean, come on! The best defender, and the closest thing to a lock down corner on the team gets cut by the turf monster? It's like the football gods don't want Peyton to shake this label as play-off choker.
    Be prepared folks, if the Denver loses at home it's going to be #18 fault. He could lead the team on their last possession of the game for the go ahead score, and some d-back could let a ball go over his head to give up that lead, and we would have to listen to the Meons and Crackle Irvin's of the world talk about how he can't get it done. It makes me want to go out in the yard and roll around in dog $hit. I never pray for victory, and would never thank God for helping my team win, like the Tebows, and AJ MCarrons of the world do, but I'm almost ready to ask the big guy in the sky to throw us a bone on this one.


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      About three years ago I gave up watching any and all pre and post game shows...excluding highlights.

      I cannot stand the blathering of these talking heads, former players and former coaches. It's gotten totally out of control and really at the end of the day adds nothing to the actual game.


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        Plus, all these clowns making one prediction after another. When it turns out they're wrong across the board, you never hear another word from them. But if they guess right, it's all: "See, what did I say?"