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Elway: "We had to clean up the locker room."

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    Originally posted by TonyR View Post
    Who/what do you think he was referring to? Or does he not really mean anyone/anything specific?
    Sounds specific ... maybe ex-pats like Jabar Gaffney, Brandon Lloyd, Hochstein, that fat Long-snapper? Orton was a flaming dick half the time ... or maybe as simple as Perrish Cox.

    Darkhorses: DJ Williams, Ron Fields, Jamal Williams, couppla Philly fossils, couppla Dolphin DB castoffs ...? Can't be Tebow, John kept him, even anointed him the starter before 2011 camp.

    We ended 2010 vs. Chuggers with these starters:

    Chugs started Louis Vazquez, Shaun Phillips and Quentin Jammer.

    That's almost 15% of our starting lineup in the CG tomorrow ... weird.


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      The correct answer is, obviously, Brian Dawkins.


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        Seems kinda obvious JE was referring to his installment of a new method based on talent, character and pay instead of the unscrupulous bush league tiddlywinks little Fuzzy Head was engaged in.

        Of course, McD used the same pretense when he packaged Cuddles and Co. off. Difference is he didn't know wtf he was doing and it's likely he only wanted his security blankets from NE.

        The worst thing about living or working under a tyrant is his arbitrary yet obstinate ruling manner. Then when they fail the little people, in this case the ones in the locker room, are always the ones who suffer the squeeze. Elway saw morale was low and knew it started at the top. He also knew his method meant some people were good as gone. Not because of some personal vendetta, but because they really didn't fit with the vision. You see the converse in how he kept McD's guys who didn't suck.


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          Lloyd is a great team player! He produced yet every team he was with couldn't get rid of him fast enough.

          That's how professional sports work, if you're a quality guy and you produce they get rid of you as quick as possible.

          And just to be clear here that's all sarcasism.

          Lloyd was cancer.


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            Originally posted by DomCasual View Post
            He retired after he was cut, cokehead. He went into the offseason without a team (after he was cut by the Patriots), and decided he just didn't have it in him to start over.

            Google "Brandon Lloyd locker room cancer," and do some reading. He played for six teams. Great locker room guys with his talent have that happen a lot.

            Who are you, anyway? You seem to feel you're pretty important. What you come across as is a sad, little boy that needs to change his drug of choice to something less "mentally stimulating."
            What does him being retired after he was cut before the season started have to do with anything?

            Your post said "after all the times Patriots were desperate for WRs this year...etc" hence why I mentioned he retired. That was my response to THAT.

            Lloyd was the least of our problems here. Was he one of those that Elway was talking about? Probably...however he wasn't one of those immediately cut either.

            Lloyd was by no means ever a long term solution, or even a solution for 2+ seasons... let's keep that in mind.
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