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Broncos vs. Patriots (AFCCG): Time to Ride

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  • Broncos vs. Patriots (AFCCG): Time to Ride

    After the loss of Chris Harris, I have struggled through various bouts of dismay, depression, and shortness of breath. Trying to come to grips with reality has been the hardest part. The importance of this AFCCG to Broncos Country can't be denied. Peyton Manning's legacy, the Broncos place in history, good vs. evil, etc... It's easy to be overcome by the moment. Sunday evening, as the sun goes down, the AFCCG will be over, and our lives will go on.

    This year could very well be Peyton Manning and the Broncos last best shot at a Superbowl. Elway and company have built this roster for this very moment in time. This is the culmination of Elway's "3-year plan". The Broncos will need to play their best game since Superbowl 33 to win. Yet it's just another Sunday afternoon game at Mile High in Broncos Country. No matter what adversity we all have went through to get here, if the Broncos (and the fans) give all that they have, there is no reason to fear the outcome. There is no need for excuses, or regret. The Broncos can play their hearts out, the fans can cheer wildly for the Orange and Blue, and at the end of the day we can be happy for the effort we gave, and the fun we had while doing it.

    1. Protect Mile Stadium - Fans never give up. Scream as loud as you can for every single Defensive snap. Remember to take some ibuprofen before the game, and even during halftime. Get those around you to stand up. This is going to take an army. You are the spirit of the Orange Crush.

    2. No Turnovers

    3. Consistently win field position on special teams

    4. I expect the Patriots to go with 11 personnel (3 WR's, 1 RB), like they did the last game. Their plan is to run on the Broncos Nickel Defense, while targeting the weak links in the Broncos Secondary with precise passing. The Broncos best chance to win is with Offensive and Defensive cohesion.

    5. Cohesion cannot be emphasized enough. A cohesive Broncos team can win. A disorganized team cannot. Do your part Broncos Country.

    6. This is Champ Bailey's biggest game as a Bronco. If his body will let him, the Broncos need him to have an enormous impact on this game.

    7. Quentin Jammer, Kayvon Webster, and Tony Carter all got snaps against NE the last game. They know what to expect. We will need them all to make plays when on the field. Brady will try to target them (and Champ) repeatedly, finding the weakest link. I expect Fox and JDR to play Jammer first, then Webster, then Carter. The guys who are making plays will stay on the field.

    8. Don't worry about the Secondary - Fox and JDR will make sure they are prepared as possible. They have all been in the firestorm. Nice to have great Defensive coaches right about now. Let the chips fall where they may.

    9. Quentin Jammer has played 19% of Defensive snaps, he made a couple big plays against NE last time and he'll get some reps this week. He's fast enough to keep up with NE's WR's. All Jammer needs is more fire in his belly, and more preparation.

    10. Webster is probably the only one of the 3 CB depth who will be on the roster next year. They picked him in the 3rd round specifically for this situation (starter injury). Webster has played 42% of Defensive snaps this year. Come on Kayvon make some plays.

    11. Tony Carter is fighting for his NFL life. He has the skill, but lacks the mental and physical toughness. This is his last time to shine. He is the last line of Defense against an NE onslaught. Prove me wrong Tony Carter.

    12. The last NE game was the first time Duke Ihenacho and Mike Adams started together all year. These guys have had time to gel, and know exactly what to expect. Mike Adams has the veteran presence and ability to settle down the Defense. Now is the time to be that fierce run defender in Nickel Defense that we all thought you would be, Nacho.

    13. All of the LB's have gotten playing time recently, and all should be prepped to go. Expect to see a lot of Trevathan and Woodyard as half-field LB's in Nickel Defense. Nate Irving and Paris Lenon are both primed for the attack too. NE exploited the Broncos last time with RB's split wide against LB coverage. It's a seek and destroy mission. Trevathan is at the top of his game. Woodyard is well rested. Lenon and Irving both can be trusted to do what is necessary.

    14. The rag-tag Defensive line will need to play the game of their lives. They MUST pressure Brady while only rushing 4 or 5. They MUST hold the LOS with force against the run in Nickel Defense. As a group, much of the Broncos chances at winning this game depend on every last man on the Defense to succeed and win their battles.

    15. Peyton Manning and the Broncos Offense must score more than NE, by any means necessary. The only thing that is important, is that the Broncos have more points than NE when the game is over. For that, the Broncos get to go to the Superbowl.
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    Jam the pats wr's at the line and hold on for 4.5 yards...disrupt the timing!

    no more of this play 7 yards off the line


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      A win this weekend comes down to winning the battle up front. Control the line of scrimmage. Hit Brady a few times and he doesn't react nearly as well. Whenever we've had success vs. him, it's because there's been pressure. He will force bad passes and we have collected those in the past.

      Their front seven is featuring some new guys. Our OL has to find a way to go out and hand them their lunch.

      Win in the trenches, win the game. Simple as well.


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        Originally posted by bfoflcommish View Post
        Jam the pats wr's at the line and hold on for 4.5 yards...disrupt the timing!

        no more of this play 7 yards off the line
        Yes. Press-man as much as possible. Full on aggression for 60 minutes and OT if necessary.


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          and because why not:

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            Pressure with the Front Four, force Brady to move laterally hard and he will not be more than average. He's in not great throwing on the run, he is superior stepping up in the pocket


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              Maybe I am little over-confident, but I was more worried about the Chargers than this game. I really feel like that was this team's "hump" game. Chargers are tough and physical, the type of team that the Broncos have struggled with in the past. This Patriots team doesn't not scare me as much. The loss of Miller and Harris is pretty big, but I feel as if others will step up. Sly has stepped his game up big time, and Mincy seams to be able to contribute. Champ wasn't healthy last game, he seems to be healthy now. Maybe the goal was to get him healthy for the playoffs. DRC and Champ are still two very good DBs, and I know Carter catches a lot of flack, but I think he can step in and play well. You would hard pressed to look around the league and find a better tandem of DRC and Champ. This isn't the Patriots of the last few years. I just don't see the Patriots scoring more than the Broncos. The Patriots defense is not any better than Denver's. Control the clock, no mistakes and don't let Brady have the ball in his hands at the end. Feeling pretty good about this game.


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                How many penalties will the Patriots have?

                I'm fairly certain 0. Becuz the officials for some rea$on won't call their fouls.

                Need to get to Brady early and often. If we send a blitzer, it would be nice for a change to get thru to TB.

                4 consistent qrtrs. of bronco football, keep the pedal to the metal.


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                  Jammer will be getting more reps this week so I cant imagine he will play worse than last week when he got thrown into action on limited reps.


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                    #1 is going to be so huge. Last week was good but this week needs to be even better. We used to have the best home field advantage in the league back in the day.

                    Let's find that level of intensity one more time. Scream your bloody head off all the time. If the people around you are not doing their part, ride their ass until they do.

                    I want it to be so loud, its going to be hard to watch on TV from their normal angle as the camera will just shaking so bad, it gives all watchers a headache!!

                    LET'S DO THIS!!!!


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                      The one positive ill take away from Jammer's play (or lack thereof) last sunday is that the problems were mental. On the Royal reception, he inexplicably turned around mid route and on the long allen reception, he sat on a route thinking there was no way rivers would look deep on a 4th and 5. The TD was just an excellent throw. Hopefully with a week of prep, he wont be so ****ty.

                      Tryin to find the bright side


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                        I too am upset with all the injuries. But the fact that the Patriots have had almost as many as us makes it easier to accept for this week.


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                          The D needs to stumble into a few of these and hopefully they are thrown by Brady. It seems like Denver's DB's are allergic to INT's. The offense and ST needs to stay away from them. TIE/Win the differential and minimze mental errors will result in Denver going to the SB.
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                            That there is a smart team in Price's pic. They're lined up by jersey number . . . . . Nice to see them in orange.


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                              Chris Harris on the Fan-

                              1. No swelling at all in ACL. Will wait until after Superbowl to have surgery if Broncos win against NE, he wants to go to NY bad.

                              2. Never broken or torn anything, didn't even feel a pop, but was in pain.

                              3. Thinks Champ can play his (Harris) old role. Champ play on the outside in Base Defense, then shift back to slot in Nickel.

                              4. Both Harris and Champ have leeway to pick what coverage they want to play on every play (man or zone), mostly it's all man-coverage.

                              5. Harris wants Tony Carter to sub-in to play LCB in Nickel.

                              6. Harris said Edelman is best NE WR. Harris would like to see DRC match up with Edelman. Said Edelman gets a lot of YAC, and you have to be able to tackle him after the catch.

                              7. Harris said Amendola is not like Welker, and is "just another WR".

                              8. Said it's going to be interesting to see how NE plays on the road.

                              9. Glad he has Von with him in the training room, his good friend "gonna be great comedy in the training room".

                              Man, I would have loved to see Harris in the AFCCG. But time goes on.