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    Originally posted by cutthemdown View Post
    I like the keep Clark as a swing tackle bkup to both RT and LT. Franklin plays well at RT and I don't think Broncos ever plan to move him to guard.

    I don't think we trade Clark though. We probably could get a high pick for him but with all the injuries teams suffer I think in the trenches you need some good backups.
    I also think Justice was a great signing. He played some at RT and held his own. I really think if we needed him he'd play lights out as well. Hat's off to Elway!


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      He's learning too! In the Raiders game he got beat again by that defensive end I want on our team and this time he did the right thing and held him. No sack fumble. Chris Clark is a boss and I hope we can keep him on our team or trade him for great value.


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        Originally posted by broncosteven View Post
        Tough crowd.
        Our Oline has been outstanding, run and pass.
        Pamploma potential.


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          Both lines will determine the next 1 or 2 games.