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    Originally posted by enjolras View Post
    Again, no one should ever have to be responsible for anything said in a GameDay Thread ever.
    What a that what you say when you see a girl's cleavage?


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      Originally posted by BigPlayShay View Post
      Funny clip. I don't think Manning is the one saying it though. It's either from the sidelines, or Beadles.
      Peyton didn't say it, it was somebody on the sideline, and so ****ing what if he did. He's the goddam man!


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        Originally posted by Steve Prefontaine View Post
        And he only played one year in college.

        To me, it's amazing the impact he's made this year. When he made the sideline catch on 3rd and 17, I was almost sure it was D. Thomas. That was unbelievable body control and awareness. Offensive play of the game, regardless of the situation.
        Even more so, because Fox said he thought the ball was going to 5 yards clear of the boundary, and then it drifted in the wind nearly 5 yards out. That guys is just as specimen of a creature.


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          Originally posted by Guess Who View Post
          I stay out of game day threads. You people turn into idiots and drama queens in there.
          I wish the UT board Volquest, would enforce a game day thread. They refuse to do it, and people litter the main page with emotional posts, and the mods spend all week, fielding emails about why people got banned. College is different in that the biggest no-no is ripping the players. I get that to and extent, but there are ways to criticize a kid without it getting too personal.

          Game day threads are full of people sitting at home by themselves, and they don't have anyone to commiserate with, so it's gets way too emotional. I turn into the biggest pussy on earth.


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            Originally posted by ZONA View Post
            I love it. I love when a player makes a mistake they get grilled by their mates. Nothing major, but a nice WTF dude I don't see a damn thing wrong with that. Hug after the game. During the game, encouragement when somebody does something good, grilling when they make a mistake.
            I agree, hopefully Beadles is also the guy on the team leaving voicemails threatening to kill people too.