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  • Andy Reid: Game Manager for the Ages

    At this point, I must admit, I did not think the Chiefs were going to lose. I knew they were going to lose. That’s a terrible feeling isn’t it, when you KNOW something bad is about to happen but you still have to actually go through it? It’s that feeling when you have a bad report card but you haven’t yet shown it to your parents.

    The loss was certain. Now it was just a matter of watching it. And it was even worse than I imagined. The Chiefs’ offense stalled, of course, and Luck was brilliant in leading the Colts on the 90-yard touchdown drive, of course. But the drive was capped when Indianapolis’ Donald Brown fumbled the ball, it popped in the air into the arms of Luck who plowed in for the score. That didn’t seem necessary.

    And on the ensuing drive, the Chiefs blew not one but TWO timeouts.

    The Chiefs blew two timeouts.

    They blew two timeouts.

    Two of them.

    I’m sorry. I’m babbling here. Two timeouts. They were leading by three points, they had the ball, they wanted the game to end, they needed to have timeouts left in case they fell behind -- and they blew two timeouts. There are federal laws against this sort of thing, aren’t there?

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    From a user on Chiefs Planet:

    Not just done with KC,done with the NFL

    Yet another thread and I even went as far tonight that I gave away a very nice Chiefs coat and chiefs stocking cap at the party I was at.Also quit my fantasy football league and am renouncing the NFL as a whole.

    Pro football is nothing more than pro wrestling only the stage is 50,000 times larger and the NFL just might get their Luck/Manning rematch and maybe even their Manning/Brady rematch.I ****ing hate to think this **** is rigged but at 51 I've seen much to much over the years and am done being made a fool of.

    Oh and lastly this years pro bowl will be a fantasy draft,really,wake the **** up people we're watching another form of Hollywood where some of the actors are paid millions and some are just bit players.


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      The NFL is nowhere near rigged. They don't need to.

      NBA, yes. NFL no.

      NHL tries to rig, but bettman fails at trying to be like stern too.


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        I'm not sure who called that timeout, RIGHT AFTER THE TWO-MINUTE WARNING PLAY RESUMED... That was certainly a wasted timeout...


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          Originally posted by Black96WS6 View Post
          From a user on Chiefs Planet:

          He'll be missed......


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            One of the timeouts was called with one second left. Last timeout, after the two minute warning, was done on 4th and long so Alex probably saw something on D he didnt like. Clock wasnt running on those two accounts where it was called early on 35 second clock.