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Broncos Divisional Game - Sunday, January 12

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    The Broncos stomped on the Ravens in the playoffs last year, so fans were right to be cocky. I now just have a reinforced respect for the power of officiating in sports.

    This year's team isn't at full strength like last year's so there's more doubt, whereas last year we were the league's best team and it wasn't close.

    It would be pretty funny to just AFC West our way all the way to the Super Bowl. Colts Patriots, Chargers Patriots, or Chargers Colts are all nice options as well.


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      Originally posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
      If Indy can shut down Charles I think they have a good chance of winning. Indy just doesn't have much of an offense.
      Indy already beat the hell out of the chiefs once. Of course they have a good chance at winning


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        Originally posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
        Dislike that the Pats (in theory) have an extra day to prep for the AFCCG, on the other hand, I guess I like that we get to play in the sunshine at the highest temperature possible for that day.
        Yeah, I like day games. There is also some advantage to having the sun glaring into the opposing sideline. Hard to quantify it but having the sun in your eyes is a pain . . . .


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          Originally posted by OBF1 View Post
          Any given day, any team can beat each other. To say you are not scared or worried, you are a fool. It has been seen on more than 1 occasion that Denver can lay an egg. We have lost to 1/2 of the AFC playoff teams this year, there is no reason to think it is impossible that an outcome like that could not happen again.

          Denver has to come out ready to play and execute the game plan. Limit the turn overs, dropped passes and stupid ass penalties and hope Holliday gets held up in traffic or lost getting to the stadium. No round is a cake walk, all you need to do is go back to last year.
          Yeah, I don't want to have that losing feeling again. I hope they have the mental and intestinal fortitude to go on a run to hoist the Lombardi.