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Do local markets select the nfl game weekly?

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  • Do local markets select the nfl game weekly?

    Our does cbs push out the games and the local markets have no say?

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    even when a game is sold out, the phoenix market will DELIBERATLY, withhold a competing broadcast like the broncos to influence the viewershipin the TV market !
    bars and restaurants love this, it keeps their seats full and DIRECTV benefits from the restricted choices as well.
    everything is calculated to maximize revenue and take advantage of the football fans desire and loyalty.
    its all about the coin, thats why an 18 game regular season schedule is inevitable, too much money on the table !


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      Any local area to a NFL team would automatically have that market. I am sure markets that have two teams that compete against each other would have some leeway based on match up. I know New Mexico has fans of the Broncos, Cowboys and maybe Cardinals. I am not sure if it switches depending on match up. Good question and maybe see if has the answer...or google.


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        Tried google. Nothing really concrete.