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Must-read article on Manning from Sports on Earth

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  • Must-read article on Manning from Sports on Earth

    What an amazing year for Broncos-related writing! It seems like once every two weeks, I read something about our beloved team that blows my mind.... This post from Colin McGowan is a definite contender for "Best American Sportswriting 2014":


    A few of my favorite lines from the article:

    1. "Good receivers, favorable rule changes and a guy that understands football like you or I understand absolutely nothing have conspired to produce more touchdowns than any offense has ever thrown."

    2. "Manning is going to have to get worse or turn himself into the league’s most dominant safety in order for me to find something new to say about him. Until then, there’s appreciation, which is something you do with good art that doesn’t move you, or a thoughtful gift you don’t actually want."

    3. "Peyton Manning’s career isn’t about what he does on the field anymore so much as it’s a reality play about how, no matter your skill and acumen, there’s still much outside of you — trickster gods, Tracy Porter, whatever — that permits or forbids success. Greatness guarantees nothing. Maybe that’s interesting."