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    Originally posted by pricejj View Post
    No I didn't. In training camp, I posted that I thought Sylvester Williams would get 20 tackles, 2 sacks.

    Right now Sly has 17 tackles, 2 sacks. Looks like I was right on.

    In regards to Knighton, even he thought he had a horrible preseason.
    Oh bull****, you wrote them both off more than once. To your credit, you never harp on it if you're wrong, but you def did.


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      Originally posted by pricejj View Post
      Lol. Not even close. All year Sly had minimal snaps and didn't look berry good. The last few games, after Big Vick's injury Sly has improved by leaps and bounds each week, which I've documented in my weekly recaps. I've gotten pretty excited about him lately, though he needs some better conditioning to be able to remain effective throughout an entire game.
      These are berry good.


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        Sly needs more core strength, which he should be able to improve on quite a bit while going through the offseason program. Next year he should be pretty beastly.

        For now, he's showed us exactly what we saw (and liked) from his days at UNC. He can play near dominant in spurts, but needs to show more consistent effort.


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          If Wolfe returns for the playoffs -- maybe the two youngsters can generate some pressure on the QB.


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            Although possibly plagiarized from price (lol), a good read.



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              Elway really hit a homerun in free agency this year.

              Knighton, DRC and Vasquez.....all big time starters with Vasquez making 1st team all pro.

              Viva la Elway.


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                Pretty good piece from PFF grading all the 1st round rookies. Regardless of how much stock you put in their grades and system, it certainly shows that even with the 1st round choices, you have to be patient in their development.

                Here is the assessment of Sly. The final grade is not important. It is the acknowledgement that he has really come on lately after a slow and limited start.

                28. Sylvester Williams, DT, Denver Broncos


                Snaps: 301

                Analysis: The injury to Kevin Vickerson has seen him get far more playing time in recent weeks and the results have been promising. Has certainly made more plays and has four positive grades on the bounce since his number began to be called more frequently.

                Check out the grades for all the rookies here. Not only is Sly a little better or a little worse than many of his fellow DL, he has a better final grade than LBer Ogletree. Which shows you can't judge a rookie on a pre-season highlights. Apparently for every highlight, there was a blown tackle or coverage.



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                  Dutch Oven!!