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Peyton Manning ... of the Washington Redskins?

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  • 69bronco
    Luckily the skins were in the same division as the giants. Shanahan would've adapted his offense like a good coach unlike kubiak who changed the greatest offense in nfl history to an eyesore.

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  • BroncoBuff
    started a topic Peyton Manning ... of the Washington Redskins?

    Peyton Manning ... of the Washington Redskins?

    Stories this week about Peyton Manning's Winter 2012 free agency tour.

    One told how Pete Carroll flew to Denver during Peyton's visit. He was hoping to meet with him and make a sales pitch for the Seahawks, but Peyton didn't go meet with him. So after a few hours at the airport, Pete went back to Seattle (and a month later drafted Russell Wilson).

    Another story claimed Peyton probably would have preferred signing with the Redskins over the Broncos:

    Manning admitted he visited with then-Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan before putting pen to paper on a deal with the Broncos: "While I was in Denver, I had a little lull there before I left," Manning told The Athletic. "I went over to Mike Shanahan’s house and visited with Mike and Kyle Shanahan, and we sat in their den and watched film. Kyle went over their offense. I was really impressed with Kyle."

    Shanahan spoke with The Athletic:
    "I was talking with John (Elway) not long ago, couple years ago, and he said, 'Mike, do you realize that Peyton was probably going to go with you guys? I think he wanted to go to your place more than ours.' I said, 'Really? I didn’t know that.' And that came from John, so I knew we were fairly close."

    The story goes on to give two reasons why Peyton decided against Washington: 1) Didn't want to play against Eli twice a year, compete for Division, and 2) Shortly after his visit with the Shanahans, Redskins traded up for the #2 overall pick, widely assumed to be for RGIII.