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  • TV stat jinx

    Funny how they put up a nice stat for some player on the TV screen regarding how good they have been doing for their current streak, then BAM, they do something to end it.

    Just watching the Saints - Rams game, they were showing how Drew Brees has had like 166 red zone attempts without an interception, then as soon as the stat goes off the screen, the next play starts and he tosses an INT into the endzone!

    I swear it happens to Denver all the time, at least it feels like it does when I am watching. That, or the other team sets a new record for something against us...

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    It's not just a graphic. It seems like announcers will do it all the time. "So and so has 49 straight returns without a fumble" and then he fumbles.


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      It's cognitive bias people have in a lot areas—we're wired to notice coincidences.

      The game commentators spend about 3 straight hours spewing stats. And once or twice a game those sometimes coincide with a play that goes the opposite way of the statistical trend (a fumble from a guy who hasn't in 100 carries, a missed FG by a great kicker, etc.). Those moments jump out and are remembered long after you forgot the 100 other stats because they are unusual.

      They probably mentioned that Drew Brees stat a couple times a game for weeks now. It was inevitable he'd throw a pick in the redzone eventually, and the longer it took the more likely it also was that the commentators would be talking about it beforehand.


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        It does sort of seem their is a time delay between what the announcers are seeing and what gets broadcast. So that the announcers know in advance there is going to be a fumble, and then lo and behold, a fumble is broadcast.